Property in Land: An Essay on the New Crusade

Ön Kapak
Putnam's sons, 1887 - 73 sayfa

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Sayfa 4 - has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other...
Sayfa 4 - For if one portion of the earth's surface may justly become the possession of an individual and may be held by him for his sole use and benefit as a thing to which he has an exclusive right, then other portions of the earth's surface may be so held; and eventually the whole of the earth's surface may be so held, and our planet may thus lapse altogether into private hands.
Sayfa 7 - Shall adult males, and all who have reached twenty-one on a specified day, be the fortunate individuals ? If so, what is to be done with those who come of age on the morrow ? Is it proposed that each man, woman, and child, shall have a section ? If so, what becomes of all who are to be born next year ? And what will be the fate of those whose fathers sell their estates and squander the proceeds ? These portionless ones must constitute a class already described as having no right to a resting-place...
Sayfa 48 - A land tax, levied in proportion to the rent of land, and varying with every variation of rent, is in effect a tax on rent...

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