A History of the English Church: Frere, W. H. The English church in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I (1558-1625)

Ön Kapak
William Richard Wood Stephens, William Hunt
Macmillan and Company, Limited, 1904

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Sayfa 297 - If this be all they have to say I shall make them conform themselves or I will harry them out of the land, or else do worse," whereupon a bishop observed, "His Majesty spoke by inspiration of the Spirit of God.
Sayfa 382 - ... the deep points of predestination, election, reprobation, or of the universality, efficacy, resistibility, or irresistibility of God's grace...
Sayfa 101 - That whosoever shall by preaching, teaching, writing or open speech notify, that any eating of fish, or forbearing of flesh, mentioned in this statute, is of any necessity for the saving of the soul of man, or that it is the service of God, otherwise than as other...
Sayfa 250 - Bishops are at convenient leysure to view the same. In the meane time/ let them be content with this learned Epistle. Printed oversea/ in Europe/ within two furlongs of a Bounsing Priest/ at the cost and charges of M. Marprelate / gentleman.
Sayfa 119 - The sompner calleth Canterbury peculiars first, then some of Winchester diocese, lastly of London diocese. Men's hearts were tempted and tried ; and many sequestered and deposed and deprived. Great was the sorrow of most ministers and their mourning, saying, 'We are killed in the soul of our souls for this pollution of yours, for that we cannot perform it in the singleness of our hearts.' " Thirty-seven refused subscription, "of which number," Parker wrote to Cecil, "were the best, and some preachers.
Sayfa 36 - established by the same; and the order and rules contained in the injunctions given by the Queen's Majesty, Anno iS60. " and exhibited unto us in this present visitation; to be " according to the true word of God, and agreeable to the " doctrine and use of the primitive and apostolic Church. " In witness of the premises to be true, we have unfeign" edly hereunto subscribed our names.
Sayfa 115 - Some say the service and prayers in the chancel ; others in the body of the church. Some say the same in a seat made in the church ; some in the pulpit, with their faces to the people. Some keep precisely the order of the book ; others intermeddle Psalms in metre.
Sayfa 10 - Commandments in the vulgar tongue, without exposition or addition of any manner sense or meaning to be applied or added ; or to use any other manner of public prayer, rite or ceremony in the church, but that which is already used and by law received...
Sayfa 178 - ... remove advowsons, patronages, impropriations, and bishops' authority claiming themselves thereby right to ordain ministers; and to bring in that old and true election which was accustomed to be made by the congregation. You must displace those ignorant and unable ministers already placed...

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