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Note.-The Roman numerals indicate the volume number, the first figure the month, the second

figure the page. Alexandrla. Lutherans in. XVII 5:7 Finns, The.

XVII 7:14 Apostles' Creed (Wolf) XVII 11:21 Following the Star.

XVII 1:7 Atonement, Church of (N. Y.).. XVII 3:13 Foundations, Laying (Missionary) XVI 7:14 Augustana Synod, Missionary Work....XVI 6:17 Francke, Aug. llermann.

XVI 2:16 Genius, Swedish. Recognized. ,

XVI 8:7 Basilican Architecture.

XVII 8:7

General Secretary's Reports (Most numbers), Berlin Missionary Society. XVII 11:22

pp. 10 to 22 Bible League, American

XVII 5:14

German Lutherans in America, Early . . XVII 7:22 Biblical Topic Reviews A. Miller)

Gift for Him (A Christmas story) XVII 12:12 XVI and XVII pp. 13 to 24 God's Planting (Poem).

XVI 7:13 Buffalo, Forward..

XVII 5:11

Greatest Blunder I Ever Made. XVII 12:22 Buffalo, Description of.

XVII 7:7
Building Churches, Missionary
XVII 3:17 Hamlet Left Out (Fry)...

XVI 12:22
Hanover Missionary Society.

XVII 8:17 Cairo, Egypt, Lutherans in. XVII 6:5 Harms, Louis.

XVII 1:19 Calvary Church, Chillicothe, Ohio. XVII 7:30 Hermannsburg Missionary Society. XVII 1:20 Chancel Fittings, Buffalo. XVII 11:28 Holy Land (Drill).

XVI 2:17 and 3:22 Christian Traveler.

XVII 12:16
Home Missions (Schnur)

.XVI 5:20
Christianity, A Life.
XVII 3:8 Home Missions, Means.

XVI 11:20 Christmas Exercise (Fry) XVI 12:11 Home Missions, Methods.

XVI 12:19 Christmas Once a Year. XVI 12:9 Huss, The Reformer.

XVII 11:8 Christmas Thoughts.

XVI 12:9 Christmas Tree, Luther's Gift.

XVII 4:11 XVI 12:7

Immigration, Significance of. Cirelet of Rare Jewels (Serial)

XVI 12 : 8
XVI 2:7, etc.

In Days of Old (Poem).
Inner Life of the Church

XVII 3:19 Circumcision of Christ..

XVII 12:17
Inner Missions in Cities..

XVII 12:20 Comparative Statistics (Lenker)

XVI 3:6
XVII 3:16, 17 Japan, Children in (Lippard)

XVI 1:21
Constantine the Great.
XVII 12:19 Jesus Life (Drill)

XVI 5:23 Conventions, State :

Jesus Lives (Poem)

XVII 4:1 Colorado-First XVI 7:9 Junior Page (Every number)

pp. 30 to 35 Second

XVII 11:24

XVI 10:15

Kansas, First Lutheran Church in. XVII 10:7

XVII 10:13
Kill Them Off !.

XVI 9:24

XVII 12:1
XVI 10:13

Kingdom of God.

XVII 10:24
Kuhns, Biography of.

XVI 1:13

XVII 8:16
Leaguer, What Do for Church.

XVII 6:18

XVI 7:17
Leipzig Missionary Society.

XVI 12:17

XVII 6:9
Lenker's Facts Worth Knowing.

XVI 3:6
New Jersey-Eighth.
XVI 12:13 Lent (Waltz)..

XVI 2:6

XVII 12:21

Lent, Daily, Meditations, XVII 2:15, 3:13
New York-Tenth
XVI 11:7 Leift in Lutheran Church

XVII 2:8

XVII 9:23

YVI 6:21
Librars, Association, Maricral Lutheran..

XVII 11:30

XVII 7:19 Lippard, Emma G., Stories by--XVI 5:8, 6:8, 9:9

XVI 11:11 Literstart avd Music in Luther League. XVII 1:14
XVII 11:9 Love: Power 03.

XVII 2:8
South Dakota- Sixth.
XVI 6:13 Loyalty to the Church

XVII 3:12

XVII 8:11

Luther: nikome crux)

XVI 10:20 XVI 9:11 Luther The Smger

.XVI 11:21 Crucifixion (Engraving) XVI 3:5 Luthe. The Translaior

XVII 10:16 Cyprus Island Orphanage.

XVII 11:7
Luther League of America, Sixth Convention,

XVII 9:7, 10:9 Dangers

XVII 4:26

Luther League, Relation to Church....XVI 8:13 Danish High Schools.

XVII 1:15

Luther League and General Bodies. .XVI 11:15 Deaconess Mother House, G. S.

XVI 6:7 Luther League, What It Is (Eilert)..XVII 7:13 Deaconess' Mother Houses XVII 9:23 Luther League Topics for 1904.

XVI 10:8 Deaconess' Statistics (Ohl)

.XVI 8:8 Luther League Topics for 1905. XVII 10:21 Denmark and Her Church (Lenker). XVI 6:19 Lutheran Calendar.

XVI pp. 10 to 21 Doctrine of the Church..

XVII 1:22 Lutheranism in United States (Jacobs)..XVI 1:8 Dutch Lutherans in America, Early. XVII 5:18 Lutherans Wide Awake.

XVII 6:6 Easter Belongs to the Church. XVII 4:8 Maid of Kemnitz (Serial)

XVII 1:11 Easter Dawn.. XVII 4:7 Marburg Colloquy.

XVI 10:18 Easter Echoes. XVI 4:7 May, Crowning Queen of.

XVII 4:13 Easter Gift. XVII 4:9 Men of the Bible (Drill)

XVII 1:33 Easter Message.

XVI 4:9 Ministry of Mercy. Young Women XVI 10:10 Easter Warning.. XVII 4:10 Mission Finances (H. M.)

XVI 9:17 Education, Christian XVII 6:7 Missions in India, Beginning.

XVI 10:20 Emblem, Our, Its History and Significance, Missions in India, Beginning.

XVII 8:19 XVII 12:15 Mistakes, Prone to..

XVII 4:8 Epileptics, Passavant Home. XVII 2:7 Moldehnke, Doctor.

XVII 7:25 Epiphany Thoughts.. XVII 1:7 Mühlenberg, H. M., Sketch of

XVI 10:7 Ericsson Statue.. XVI 8:7 Mühlenberg College

XVI 1:5

[blocks in formation]

Saivation Through Faith.

XVI 12:10 Salzburgers on the Savannah

XVII 9:22 Saved Him..

XVI 4:11 Schleswig Holstein Missionary Society.XVII 4:19 Seiss, Dr...

XVII 7: 25 Shining of the Star.

.XVII 12:7 Slocum Disaster (St. Mark's, N. Y.) XVII 7:15 Spiritual Illustrations..

XVII 12:8 Statistics (Lutherans in World)

XVI 3:6 St. Mark's Endowment Fund.

XVII 12:24 Swedes on the Delaware.

XVII 5:22 Swensson, Dr....

[blocks in formation]

XVII 3:9 “ Threes” in the Bible (Drill). .XVII 4:34 Topic, Prize, ..

XVI 8:24 Topic Reviews (Each issue)

about page 14 Topics, Use of, 1 (Schnur)

XVI 12:26 Topics, Use of, il....

XVII 4:22 Unexpected Christmas Gift.... XVII 12:9

Wartburg, Luther at.
Wartburg Orphans' Church
Woman's H. and F. M. S. (G. S.)
Woman's H. and F. M. S. (G. C.)
Worms, Diet at.
Worship of the Church.
Young Men, Use of ....

XVI 4 : 22
XVII 8:7
XVI 5:7
XVI 2:13
XVII 10 : 19

.XVI 3:19 XVII 2:20

XVI 12:10




Sunday-School Lesson

For 1899-1900.

Proceedings, Essays and Debates



General Conference

of Lutherans in America,


Philadelphia, Dec. 27-29, 1898.


The Seven Steps Upward.

The Road to Knowledge. PRIMARY

From the Primary to the DEPARTMENT

Senior Grade. It will be of advantage to examine the excellence of the method and matter, together with lowness of prices of this series, when Sunday School Literature is under consideration.

Subscriptions may begin any time, but quarterly publications are not furnished for a less period than three months, but at same rate as by the year.

Samples and descriptive circulars wiủ cheerfully be sent upon application.

Order should be accompanied by check, postal or express money order, or it in small amounts, unused postage stamps will be accepted in payment. General Council Publication House,

1522 Arch St., Philadelphia. CHAS, B, OPP, Manager.

This volume consists of 339 pages printed on laid paper, from clear, legible type, with illustrations of the buildings in which the sessions were held. It is handsomely bound in cloth, with gilt side and back title, making an acceptable addition to the library of the pastor or layman.

As the edition is limited, orders should be sent at once.

Price $1.50 Net, Postpaid. When three or more copies are ordered at one time to be sent to one address a special discount of twenty per cent, will be allowed.

Remittances by money order, check or draft should accompany all orders.

Lutheran Publication Society,

1424 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa.

that every


Something Entirely new!

A Daily Calendar of LUTHERAN

memorable Events The LUTHERAN



should have.

The FIRST BOOK of the Luther League Reading Course.

Bound in Handsome Cloth. Sent, postpaid, to any address on

receipt of $1.00.

Price, Twenty-five Cents, postpaid


The Calendar is printed in the shape of a neat and attractive wall chart, and can be suspended on the door of one's bedroom, where it will be a reminder at the beginning of each day of some memorable event in our Church's history, and hence of constant use in our daily devotions. A Daily Bible Reading is appended to each date. Address all orders to Luther League Review,

P. 0. Box 876, New York

PUBLISHERS, 131 Liberty Street, NEW YORK.

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