The Works of Alexander Pope: Esq., with His Last Corrections, Additions, and Improvements; as They Were Delivered to the Editor a Little Before His Death; Together with the Commentaries and Notes of Mr. Warburton, 10. cilt

Ön Kapak
A. Millar [and others], 1757

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Sayfa 99 - He is pleased with your placing him in the triumvirate between yourself and me ; though he says that he doubts he shall fare like Lepidus, while one of us runs away with all the power like Augustus, and another with all the pleasures like Antony.
Sayfa 191 - Two or three of us had a fancy, three years ago, to write a weekly paper, and call it an Intelligencer. But it continued not long; for the whole volume (it was reprinted in London, and I find you have seen it,) was the work only of two, myself and Dr.
Sayfa 192 - I recover this lamenefs, and live long enough to fee you either here or there. I forget again to tell you that the Scheme of paying Debts by a Tax on Vices, is not one...
Sayfa 214 - All my acquaintance tell me, they know not above three families where they can occafionally dine in a whole year : Dr. Delany is the only gentleman I know, who keeps one certain day in the week to entertain...
Sayfa 137 - Bishop of England or Ireland. Yet am I of the Religion of Erasmus, a Catholic ; so I live, so I shall die ; and hope one day to meet you, Bishop Atterbury, the younger Craggs, Dr.
Sayfa 26 - ... into remote and problematical guilt, with a new power of enforcing them by chains and dungeons to every...
Sayfa 105 - But this renews the grief for the death of our friend Mr. Congreve*, whom I loved from my youth, and who surely, beside his other talents, was a very agreeable companion. He had the misfortune to squander away a very good constitution in his younger days; and I think a man of sense and merit like him, is bound in conscience to preserve his health for the sake of his friends, as well as of himself.
Sayfa 142 - I used to be going to bed surfeited with pleasure, or jaded with business : my head often full of schemes, and my heart as often full of anxiety. Is it a misfortune, think you, that I rise at this hour, refreshed, serene, and calm ? that the...
Sayfa 50 - Our friend Gay is used as the friends of Tories are by Whigs (and generally by Tories too). Because he had humour, he was supposed to have dealt with Dr. Swift; in like manner as when any one had learning formerly, he was thought to have dealt with the Devil.
Sayfa 106 - ... the evening with him at cards, with plenty of good meat and wine, eight or a dozen together ; he loves them all, and they him. He has twenty of these at command ; if one of them dies, it is no more than Poor Tom...

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