Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties, 1. cilt

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Sayfa 91 - I venture to say that every man who is not presumably incapacitated by some consideration of personal unfitness or of political danger is morally entitled to come within the pale of the Constitution.
Sayfa 72 - Free Trade ! What is it ? Why, breaking down the barriers that separate nations ; those barriers, behind which nestle the feelings of pride, revenge, hatred, and jealousy, which every now and then burst their bounds, and deluge whole countries with blood...
Sayfa 154 - Ashburner, the draper, addressing himself to me at this moment, informed me that I had a great deal. Supposing that I could not be possessed of such a treasure without knowing it, I ventured to confirm my first assertion, by saying, that if I had any I was utterly at a loss to imagine where it could be, or wherein it consisted. Thus ended the conference. Mr.
Sayfa 8 - A Government in every country should be just like a Corporation,* and in this country it is made up of the landed interest which alone has a right to be represented. As for the rabble, who have nothing but personal property, what hold has the nation of them ? What security for the payment of their taxes ? They may pack up all their property on their backs, and leave the country in the twinkling of an eye, but landed property cannot be removed.
Sayfa 66 - Where no government is wanted, save that of the parish-constable, as in America with its boundless soil, every man being able to find work and recompense for himself, democracy may subsist; not elsewhere, except briefly, as a swift transition toward something other and farther.
Sayfa 67 - ... penny-a-liners and philosophers as the ground of all society — the only real preserver of the earth ! Why not of Heaven, too ? Perhaps there is competition among the angels, and Gabriel and Raphael have won their rank by doing the maximum of worship on the minimum of grace ? We shall know some day. In the meanwhile, " these are thy works, thou -parent of all good...
Sayfa 30 - ... the good and happiness of the members, that is the majority of the members of any state, is the great standard by which every thing relating to that state must finally be determined.
Sayfa 103 - Bentham made the most useful employment which might have been made of his great powers, when, not content with enthroning the majority as sovereign, by means of universal suffrage without king or house of lords, he exhausted all the resources of ingenuity in devising means for riveting the yoke of public opinion closer and closer round the necks of all public functionaries, and excluding every possibility of the exercise of the slightest or most temporary influence either by a minority, or by the...
Sayfa 293 - The mere fact of appealing to the voters over the heads of the caucuses was viewed by the latter as an act of high treason against Liberalism. Their great and legitimate admiration for Mr. Gladstone made them forget that he himself was defending a cause and not his own person or his power; and making Mr. Gladstone's glorious name a sort of shibboleth, they converted the great national deliberation in which the country was invited to take part into a personal plebiscite. The methods of warfare, the...

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