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When the year 1840 broke upon us, a general impression prevailed that its course would be marked by great and striking events. This was more peculiarly the case in reference to the Jews, who themselves also hailed it as appointed to herald, in some way, the advent of their expected Messiab. Who can now look back upon its lapse, and fail to acknowledge that those expectations have been verified in a measure and in a manner that no human sagacity could have foreseen. A sudden burst of insurrection among the mountaineers of Syria, against the galling tyranny of Egypt, led to results strangely disproportionate in magnitude to their procuring cause. A mighty armament, equipped by the great powers of Europe, immediately appeared ; and the land to which the word of prophecy emphatically directs our attention, when treating of this very period of time, is become at once the battle-field of contending nations. The heart vibrates with a thrill of solemn awe, as the official naval and military returns tell of blockades and attacks on places, the names of which are so associated with the imagery, the phraseology of holy writ, as to invest them with a sort of sacredness peculiar to themselves; and while the kings of the Gentiles assemble their forces around that very spot where the Lord has said he will bring them to battle together, in the last great conflict of this dispensation, the Jews gird up their loins, confident that their way is preparing—that they shall be speedily gathered and planted again in their own land.

“ Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty !” Events that when we scanned their dim shadows through the mysterious veil of prophecy seemed to require some terrible convulsion, such as the world had never yet seen, to bring them to pass, are moving into open view, with the majestic harmony of action that characterizes all God's works. As the heavens are high above the earth, so are His ways and thoughts above ours: and like the glorious orbs that roll through those heavens, each in its appointed orbit fulfilling its prescribed course in silence

eloquent than the loudest songs could be, so

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