The Edinburgh Magazine, Or, Literary Miscellany, 16. cilt

Ön Kapak
J. Sibbald, Parliament-Square

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Sayfa 403 - The alligator when full grown is a very large and terrible creature, and of prodigious strength, activity, and swiftness in the water.
Sayfa 399 - ... trout. About one hundred yards above my harbour began a cove or bay of the river, out of which opened a large lagoon. The mouth or entrance from the river to it was narrow, but the waters soon after spread and formed a little lake, extending into the marshes: its entrance and shores within I observed to be verged with floating lawns of the pistia and nymphea and other aquatic plants; these I knew were excellent haunts for trout.
Sayfa 40 - I am much mistaken if some latent vigour would not soon give health and spirit to their eyes, and some lines drawn by the exercise of reason on the blank cheeks, which before were only undulated by dimples, might restore lost dignity to the character, or rather enable it to attain the true dignity of its nature. Virtue is not to be acquired even by speculation, much less by the negative supineness that wealth naturally generates.
Sayfa 404 - ... teeth to receive them : when they clap their jaws together it causes a surprising noise, like that which is made by forcing a heavy plank with violence upon the ground, and may be heard at a great distance.
Sayfa 40 - But to render her really virtuous and useful, she must not, if she discharge her civil duties, want individually the protection of civil laws; she must not be dependent on her husband's bounty for her subsistence during his life, or support after his death; for how can a being be generous who has nothing of its own? or virtuous who is not free?
Sayfa 33 - ... time maintained, that the method, in which they are commonly educated, only tends to enfeeble both the body and the mind, and to render them insignificant objects of desire.
Sayfa 36 - I think I see her surrounded by her children, reaping the reward of her care. The intelligent eye meets hers, whilst health and innocence smile on their chubby cheeks, and as they grow up the cares of life are lessened by their grateful attention.
Sayfa 404 - ... and roaring in little coves round about) darts forth from the reedy coverts all at once, on the...
Sayfa 399 - I might lose it overboard in case of a battle, which I had every reason to dread before my return, I therefore furnished myself with...
Sayfa 405 - I look down again to the fountain with anxiety, when behold them as it were emerging from the blue ether of another world, apparently at a vast distance; at their first appearance, no bigger than flies or minnows; now gradually enlarging, their brilliant colours begin to paint the fluid.

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