Down the Ravine

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 105 - Whyn't ye eat some o' the squir'l, Birt?" his mother asked at the supper table. "Pears-like ter me ez it air cooked toler'ble tasty." Birt could not eat. He soon rose from the table and resumed his chair by the window, and for half an hour no word passed between them. The thunder seemed to roll on the very roof of the cabin, and it trembled beneath the heavy fall of the rain. At short intervals a terrible blue light quivered through crevices in the "daubin"' between the logs of the wall, and about...
Sayfa 172 - An' how will yer mother, an' brothers, an' sister, git thar vittles, an' firewood, an' corn-crap an' clothes, an' sech — Ruf e bein' the oldest child, arter you-uns ? " demanded the tanner. "An' even when ye git back — I hate ter tell ye this word — nobody will want ye round. They 'll be feared ye 'd be forever pickin' an' stealin'." " But we-uns will stand up fur ye, bein' ez ye air the widder's son,
Sayfa 18 - An 1 now look at the boy - a stuffin 1 'em in his pockets ter sag 'em down and tear 'em out fur me ter sew in ag'in. Waal, waal! Sol'mon say ef ye spare the rod ye spile the child - mos' ennybody could hev fund that out from thar own 'sperience; but the wisest man that ever lived lef no receipt how ter keep a boy's pockets whole in his breeches.
Sayfa 188 - How did you-uns reach up ter that thar peg?" demanded Byers, pointing to the peg on which the coat had hung, far beyond Rufe's reach. "dumb up on the wooden horse," said Rufe promptly. "I peeked through the chinkin' an' seen ye thar a-smokin' yer pipe over the fire." Rufe winked audaciously, suddenly convincing Byers as to the possessor of the big black eyes, which he had recognized as characteristic of the Dicey family, when they had peered through the chinking. "Waal, how did the grant git inter...

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