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That to preserve them from the grasp of the lodging-house keepers, the house shall be open to them during the whole of the day, subject to specific regulations.

That means be adopted to supply them with the sacred scriptures, and tracts of a purely religious character.

That if practicable, (and if ministers can be found, without regard to name or party, who are qualified and willing to engage in the work,) religious instruction be communicated to them once a week.

That to carry these objects into effect, a subscription be opened for this specific purpose, and that a special Committee be appointed to conduct the whole business, whose report shall be embodied and presented with the annual report of the British and Foreign Sailor's Society.

To commend such an object to the sympathy and liberality of our readers, we deem to be wholly superfluous. We are sure it will speak for itself. And when the appeal is made for the necessary means, a thousand hearts will cheerfully and with haste respond.


Report of the Rev C. J. Hyatt, Superintendent of the Agency.

Having been absent from London during the month, on a visit to Wales, I have but a brief report to present. The operations, both afloat and on shore, have been conducted with regularity and success.

The number of Bethel services held since the last report, have amounted to 116. The attendance has exceeded 2530.

The verbal, as well as the written statements of the Agents, on the 16th ultimo at their monthly meeting, confirmed the usual reports given, both as to the welcome they receive, and the attention paid to their instructions. In addition to what is now supplied by them, a report will be found in the present magazine from the Queen Street chapel Association, in connexion with the East London Auxiliary to our Society, which that committee have kindly promised to furnish quarterly. Some extensive enquiries are now in progress by the Auxiliary, into the state of the sailors along the whole course of the river, from Blackwall to London bridge, to ascertain whether any efforts can be made by them, especially on the sabbath, in co-operation with the parent society. I have, in assisting these movements, visited several lodging-houses for sailors, to enquire into the numbers that resort to them, and whether they would be willing to receive the stated visitation of the members of the auxiliary ; to which they cheerfully agreed. I have also visited the docks, in compliance with the request of the committee, to prepare the way for some efforts for the benefit of the Lascars, who


henceforth come to London. Public attention having been invited to the neglected state of these men, the auxiliary requested the Rev. G. Smith, of Poplar, and myself, to enquire into their condition, and ascertain what means could be adopted for their benefit. I went in company with a gentleman who could speak the Bengalee, that we might have some conversation with them. We were however disappointed by not meeting with a single Lascar in either of the docks, nor could we learn that there were any in London. A visit paid by myself to a part where they resort, near my own chapel, was followed by the same result. It is during winter that they are found here. It is the duty of the christian church to attempt something on their behalf. The effort will be made. Mr. Jones the secretary of the Tract Society has assured me, in a conversation I had with him upon the subject, that he had no doubt (could we ascertain the language which the majority of them speak) but their committee would write to India, and procure for us a supply of tracts.

On Friday last Mr. Althans, from the Borough Road School, with myself, spent the morning in examining the children in our day schools. There were present 102 boys, and 64 girls. The progress of the children was highly satisfactory, and the schools were considered by Mr. Althans in a state highly creditable to those by whom they are conducted.

During my absence from London, I have had the pleasure of attending several meetings in the principality, on behalf of our Society, in company with our esteemed friend, the Rev. E. E."Adams; but as the result of this tour will be given by him, I shall not anticipate the information he is prepared to supply. Wherever we went we met with a cordial reception, and felt assured that we were engaged in a cause that was gradually securing to itself, the sympathies and confidence of the christian public.


“ Brethren, pray for us ; that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified.” Such was the earnest request of him who was the chief of the apostles, and pre-eminently endowed with supernatural gifts and qualifications. Such too, is our request, that by the

prayers of God's church helping us, we may be steadfast and immoveable in the great work to which we are pledged; and that through the instrumentality now employed, the Redeemer may soon have dominion from sea to sea.


Junior Thames Missionary.--MR. J. Overy packet, offered the dedicatory Welch.-My present report embraces the prayers amidst the solemn silence of worpast two months, during which I have held shippers who thought themselves in the 55 Bethel services-26 afloat, on the various house of God. The address was given stations of both upper and power Pools— from the occasion of the Redeemer enterand twenty-nine in Billingsgate-market, ing into a certain village—a woman, London dock gates, Ratcliff highway, named Martha, received him into her and Sailors' chapel. My services on house, (Luke x.) At the close of this inship-board have been most encouraging. teresting service many thanks were reThe average attendance has been about turned ; and the captain requested that nineteen at each meeting - four hundred these services should be repeated on all and twenty-three in all, one hundred and opportunities in future.

Another ship five of whom have engaged in prayer at was, the Maid of the Yare, at Yarthe throne of grace. I have visited the mouth chain. The first service was held shipping in the various docks, and on the on board on the 9th ult. The main hold river- from fifteen to twenty ships per was fitted up and well attended on this day ;-distributed about two thousand occasion ; she was also added to the numtracts, giving a word of suitable advice, ber of Bethel ships. as circumstances have called for. I have

Pleasing instances of visible good have met with several pious captains and

not been wanting during the past two seamen, of whom I have had no previ.

months. At a service which was held ous knowledge-I have raised the Bethel

on board the Queen on the 26th August, flag on board of eighty ships, for the

a poor desponding sailor was induced to agents' evening services-have dedicated

come from a sight of the flag. At the two new ships to the Bethel cause, on

close of the address he fell upon his knees, board of which the flag was most cordially and poured out his heart-felt confessions received ; one was on the 2d ult, on board

of sin, and cried for mercy to Him who the Mountain Maid, a splendid ship, just

is able to save. When he rose, he openly from the stocks, built at Aberdeen, upon

confessed to all present he had just found a much improved plan, for the West India

that comfort which he had been seeking trade; her spacious and well fitted-up ca

for the past seven years. He went to his bin was appropriated to this sacred pur- ship rejoicing. On another occasion, two pose. The captain and his wife, and a

broke out in prayer who had been labourlady from Holland, were present, with the

ing upder powerful convictions for some whole of the crew ; some with their bibles

time, but thanked God for the relief they before them. We read 2d Chronicles, vi, on

found that night. the occasion, and applied it in the present day to temples of God, that float on the I have risited the seamen's boardingwatery world.

Captain Pringle, of the houses, as usual, on the sabbath-days ;

more of the seamen, I trust, attend the to encourage to perseverance in this lasailors' chapel than formerly.

bour of love and mercy.

The Lord is

mercifully bringing one from this and anFourth, fifth, and sixth Slations.

other from that ship's company to a saving MR. EDWARDS.—It is with feelings of knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. pleasure your agent records his labours

Your agent has not held so many meetamong those who witness the power of God on the mighty ocean, some of ings during the aforesaid period as he usuwhom there is every reason to conclude ally does, through various causes He had have had the storm of conviction raised in

nine disappointments, some of which were their consciences by the power of the Spi

occasioned through the ship's company rit of the Lord, whereby they have been being obliged unexpectedly to go to work.

One ship, where the Bethel flag was hoistled to seek the calm of pardon at the

ed, was ordered into dock ; but five times throne of divine mercy, through the

there was no ship obtained. Saviour's blood, and thereby have obtain. ed peace and joy through believing.

On Sunday, the 28th of last month, Some, with whom your agent has met

your agent, at the request of the chief at Bethel, during the last three months, mate, held a meeting on board the Dunappear to have recently experienced this

dee steamer, which was the first time of divine change. Among them were two

their being in London on the sabbath foremast men, who have united in prayer

since the 3d of July last. A goodly numat the footstool of the heavenly mercy.

ber were present, who paid to the word They had not long been in the ways of the spoken great attention. Lord; yet, though their addresses to the Your agent has held twenty-three meetAlmighty were in broken sentences, it was ings in the fourth, fifth, and sixth stations evident they were the groanings of the since his last report, at which 318 were Spirit within them. Their petitions ma- present, who listened to the word delivernifested great penitence on account of sin, ed with marked attention, some of whom much humility of soul, and no small de- supplicated the Almighty to make it his gree of gratitude to God, for his forbear- power to the salvation of their brethren. ing mercy, while persevering in a course May their prayers be answered to the joy of rebellion against Him. One of them,

of angels, and the rejoicing of the people in particular, seemed as if he could not of God; and may the time not be far disfind words sufficiently strong to express

tant when every ship that floats on the the feelings of his heart.

great waters shall be navigated by those Such testimonies as these are calculated who delight in the service of the Lord.




One of four voluntary and gratuitous visitors, in succession on each Lord's day, goes forth to labour in the dock, or Regent's canal basin. In the early part of the present year little was done, from the want of a suitable supply of tracts; but in February a better arrangement was made by the committee of the Auxiliary, from which period no want has been

experienced; and the visitors report, that between the end of February and August last, they have visited 289 vessels and a large number of country barges; among the crews of these, and to the sailors on the banks and on shore, they have distributed 2040 tracts, some magazines, and a number of hand-bills ; that they have had many opportunities of directing the objects of their solicitude to the only Saviour. They also state, that their invitations to the seamen to come to the house of God are often attended to, and that when there, the seamen manifest, by their serious deportment and marked attention, that they are not a little interested in the word preached.

One deck service has been conducted under the Bethel flag, on board the Odin, captain Green. Besides the friends from the shore, eighteen sailors were present. After the usual preliminary devotions, an address was delivered by one of the deacons of the church at Queen street, and two of the seamen prayed in closing, much to the edification and comfort of all.

Extracts from the Journals of the Visitors. On viewing my work this day, I was fearful I should not reach more than one or two vessels, they lay so very awkwardly for boarding; but, on the contrary, visited fourteen, and expended all my tracts.

This was effected through the kind offer of the mate of the first vessel I boarded, who placed a boy and boat at my disposal. The lad was as willing as the mate, and seemed determined that no vessel should be left out, saying (after having visited all the vessels on the west side of the basin,) “There are more over there, sir,” pointing to those on the eastern side. To these he pulled, and on board of these, as on the western, had the usual kind reception, and what was advanced was listened to with patience and serious attention.

Not having had à sufficient supply of tracts this day, made a free distribution of hand-bills. The last I gave away was to a fine young man, just about to go on board his ship. While giving a word with the paper, he cast his eye upon it, and pointed to the word Hell;" asked me if I knew what it meant. Looking at the connexion, I told him it there meant the place of perdition, of punishment and woe, but that the same word did not always bear the same signification, and gave an example. He then asked if I believed that there was such a place. I said ' most assuredly, as I found it frequently referred to in God's holy word, as well as the way of escape from it, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.' This led to an interesting conversation, in which he made it manifest that he was troubling himself for a solution of that which is not solved in holy writthe secret things. At closing, he said that he read the Bible.' I commended him to continue so to do with prayer, to understand it; and concluded with the gospel message, — God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him might not perish, but have everlasting life.' He seemed serious and anxious throughout, and I felt deeply interested in him. May God the Spirit be his teacher henceforth!

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