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on board this vessel. Twenty-seven at- versation relative to his Bethel flag and tended, and to my great surprise, when the inscription thereon, which on the flag calling on some one to pray, the captain being shown was,—“Goil of Bethel, is, broke, silence and in a most scriptural, love !" He then said, I will give you this devout, and earnest manner addressed the fag, if you will accept it. To which I throne of grace. After three sailors had readily agreed, thanking him for the same. prayed, I observed the mate weeping, and In less than an hour afterthis, the newly others apparently much affected.

received Aag with its significant motto I gave an address from those words was seen widely extended and waving in the great day of his wrath is come, and the breeze, at the mast head of the wel who shall be able to stand ?” I trust the known Bethel ship the Thirsk.-On my word spoken was not in vain. There ap- return on the river, I called the attention peared to be a general awakening amongst of my friend who gave me the flag to its those present, and at the close of the being hoisted within view, he seemed service, which was rather protracted, two pleased at the sight of it, and summoned sailors engaged in prayer, that had never all the crew to look at it.-It was a done so in public before. The effects of this novel sight. meeting were evinced by a number of Visitation of shipping. I have held thirty those sailors then present attending the two Bethel meetings, eleven of which have ensuing Christian fellowship meeting at been new Bethel ships on the river and the sailors' chapel, and engaging in the the Regent's canal, which have been attend. service. It is worthy of notice that the ed by about 580 masters, mates, sailors, master and mate have become members of and others, out of which number 128 have the Wesleyan society at Hartlepool. A engaged in prayer. I have held eighteen singular circumstance took place a few services on shore, have visited about 508 days since at one of the wharsf, where vessels, and distributed upwards of 2800 there has been a difficulty in getting the tracts. Our Bethel meetings seem more Bethe flag hoisted. I solicited a captain, than ever to be the place which God deigns whom I had known for many years, to to visit in an especial manner, to supply grant me leave to hold a meeting without the wants of his waiting people. Here the hoisting any flag, &c. The request was broken, contrite heart, finds sweet relief : granted : the meeting was held and well and liberty to captives is proclaimed. attended, twenty-four being present. Three days after this, another meeting was Sailor's Boarding Houses.-This duty held on board another vessel in the same has been attended as far as the time allottier—the Bethel flag being about to be ted for the same will admit. Tracts are in hoisted, on my inviting the captains and general thankfully received, and instances crews in the tier to attend, my friend, on are not wanting to know that they have board of whose vessel I had held my been read with profit. This important field former meeting, when I told him I in- of labour needs more attention, in as much tended hoisting the Bethel-flag said "will as it meets the case of the foreign going you have my BETHELFLAG?"-your Bethel sailor, and has a tendency to make an flag-I replied, have you a Bethel flag ? impression upon his mind, and bring him I have had a Bethel flag for fifteen years, into a state of thoughtfulness. Many and upwards? should be glad to have been induced to come from thos see it, I said.--" Mate, get my Bethel lodging-houses and attend divine service flag, said the captain - whilst this was at the sailors' chapel. On one occasion, doing, the captain entered into con- I met three sailors at a boarding-house on

the sabbath morning, employed reading work; but more important, and even more their bibles. They together with four requisite is it, that seamen should have others readily came to the sailor's chapel. the gospel preached to them, when we re.

member that they carry with them unto all Sailor's christinn fellowship Meetings. parts of the world an influence of evil or of - These meetings are mostly well atteuded good. These thoughts have often facilitated by those who love and fear God. Here we my pursuits, and in the midst of many come in contact with those who have discouragements, have encouraged my heart. received good to their souls, when on far In the course of my last three months distant shores, and here the young convert

labour amongst our sailors, I have, (per. is frequently found offering up his first haps more than usual) watched the results public thanksgiving, and giving vent to of the operations of the society, and from his feelings by prayer and supplication, and what my eyes have seen and ears heard, I here in a very especial manner God deigns am led to conclude most favourably in to be gracious.

relation to them. My journal presents to

me a striking contrast of attention and Sailor's Chapel Services. The services

indifference of a goodly number, and a very on sabbaths and on the week nights are of bare company-of piety and sterling relia more encouraging nature then heretofore, gion, and a contemptuous sneer; the one and it is a mercy to know that God is calculated to encourage, and the other to blessing the labours of his servants-addi. stimulate to greater zeal and prayer. The tions are being made to the meinbers of number of my services held during the past the church connected with this place of quarter is 42, which about 800 men have worship, and hereby we trust the divine attended; what may have been the results blessing is resting upon each member.

of the word of God spoken to them, (I trust Much good will be done. Much time has been

in much sincerity and prayer) the great day

of God will disclose. There are, however, occupied in the visitation of the sick, to administer to the spiritual wants of many

some pleasing signs, which I feel it my duty

to mention. It is a great truth that almost who appeared dead in trespasses and in sins, by pointing them to the Lamb of God that

every month produces some new token of

divine favour ; and I meet with young men taketh away the sins of the world. Some

who were a short period since in the ways hopes may be entertained that those visits

of sin and wickedness, deeply impressed, have not been in vain.

or in the full enjoyment of sin pardoned.

One evening, having read the scriptures, I First Station.-MR. Benson,- The

called upon a well known friend to engage promises of divine truth, are at all times

in prayer, the privilege was referred to a salutary to the mind of a christian minister,

young man close by his side, who began inasmuch as they are sources of consolation, in prayer very falteringly, but seemed to presenting to him prospects of bliss ; were

be encouraged as he proceeded ; and when it not so, he would often sink into des

he had thanked God for his mercy to himpondency, and not unfrequently be ready self, and sought mercy for his relatives, he to give up his important undertaking; but then turned his intercessions in so earnest his every day experience knows his con

a manner for his fellow seamen, as to exsolations are not mere imaginations, and press himself thus :-"Lord, forgive me for his prospects, phantoms. Jesus affords

my earnestness on behalf of my fellow him every encouragement, and sustains him sailors." So powerful were his pleadings in every difficulty. To minister in holy for them all, that I think I may fairly say, things among landsmen is an important not one present but rose from his knees with weeping eyes and a sobbing bosom. total abstinence society. This connection This interesting intercession led my mind brought him in contact with the captain of to that interesting portion of divine revela- the Thirsk. tion-Abram's solicitude for Sodom, Gen. Another.- A proof of the combining 18th chapter, 32nd verse. “ And he said, influences of religion. O let not the Lord be angry, and I will On going on board the ship Oriana, speak but this once;" which led me to capt. Sleightholm, there was present a city speak to the men present of the deep so- missionary who had been induced to come licitude that was felt for their spiritual on board—there were present thirty-five welfare by converted sailors, and by the or forty men- -the missionary, deeply imcommittee and ministers of the society, pressed with the scene, declared to me on formed for their benefit. It was a deeply our way home, he could not have supposed interesting meeting.

such things were in operation - he was a Another.-On the moral influence of re- member of the church of England, as he ligion among those who know not its spi- expressed himself — he read the scriptures, ritual power. On going into a cabin, I prayed, and at the close of my address, solicited the use of a bible. The captain, continued the service by very spiritual exa very polite and gentlemanly man, excused hortations to the sailors. himself by many apologies for not having Another.Of the influence of persuasuch a book in his cabin; felt quite sion. ashamed and pledged himself forthwith The last service held on board a ship to rectify that great error. This is almost this week—the mate invited the captain of a solitary case in my own operations—the an adjoining vessel to come to the meetnot having a bible on board ship. At ing—his answer was, he could not-he the close of the meeting, the captain gave did not think he should.'- Persuasion preme a hearty shake of the hand, with ex- vailed-he camethe service was propressions of his highest approval of our gressed in, prayers were offered, &c. services.

The text announced — the words from Another.-A proof of the beneficial in.

2 Peter iii. 15, first clause.

" Account Auence of one institution of a benevolent that the long suffering of our Lord is salcharacter upon another. My old place of vation.”—During the address saw a man worship being appointed me one evening, with his head reclining upon his hands, namely, the Thirsk, of great notoriety for bent forward – supposed he was inclined to religion and benevolence— going aboard sleep. My worthy friend, capt. Sleightcapt. Rippon introduced me to a gentle holm followed my address by the words man, an active lieutenant in the navy, from Romans ii, 4, 5,

verses, who had come on board to observe and despisest thou the riches of his goodness, engage in the Bethel service—there were and forbearance, and long suffering,' &c. present twenty-five, and the service solemn I was afterwards informed that the man and deeply interesting, which, as the be- was in deep mental agony. May it prove fore-mentioned gentleman expressed, was to be of divine grace !-Thus may we take highly gratifying to him, and only regretted courage, and go on, knowing that our that such services were not permitted labours shall not be in vain in the Lord. among the sailors on board her majesty's The number of my services held the last ships--this gentleman is a member of the month is 14-238 attended.




A letter to the Secretary of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society.

My dear Sir :—Permit me to acknowledge in your magazine, the following sums* received in England, to aid in the completion of the American and English church at Havre. My final success is the more pleasing, as furnishing a very beautiful contrast to my first fears, which the apparent indifference of many had occasioned. No sooner was this object brought before a class of minds capable of appreciating its merits, and minds too, that love and devise liberal things, than all obstacles and discouragements vanished as mist before the sun, and the gold and the silver, which are the Lord's, flowed in from cheerful hearts, and liberal hands, until the gleanings of the few last days I spent in London, well nigh surpassed all I had at first hoped from the vintage: and my earnest prayer is, that God may abundantly reward all those who have generously aided in this pressing case; and whilst engaged in these benevolent acts of rearing temples made with hands, for the worship of the true God on earth, may it assist their hearts in preparing for a place in that upper temple made without hands, eternal in the heavens !

It may be proper to add, that the £200 named in the circular was the lowest sum necessary to meet a heavy contract for the walls of the building; and by no means included the many bills and items of expense for finishing the interior; and beside, during my absence in England, the architect found it necessary, for the greater security of the building, to purchase more ground, and put up an additional wall, which has considerably increased the expense.

The gleanings, therefore, which have so unexpectedly increased the amount of my collections in England, seem quite providential, and will go far in liquidating the debts on the chapel.

Your's most affectionately,

E. N. SawTELL.

The subscriptions will be found in the 6th page of the cover.-Ep.

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“A certain man had two sons, and the younger of them took his journey into a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living. And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine, and he began to be in want.” It is clear the judgments of God pursued him-conscience ever faithful, accused him ;-he was led in bitterness of spirit to think on his ways and to sorrow for his sins.* Thus it is with many a young man.

He becomes dissatisfied with home, is anxious to get away from parental restraint—to see the world—or as he supposes to make his fortune, and to rise in life. A father's counsels, and a mother's prayers avail nothing. He is bent on going to sea. It may be-he has made such progress in sin as to destroy all right impressions, and regardless of cousequences both as respects himself and his friends, will even run awaythinking that when he once gets to sea, he will be out of sight and beyond control, and therefore may live as he lists. Is this your case? Pause--reflect. Run away !-get out of sight!—sin as you please! No-never. It is all delusion. Where is the eye of God? That eye neither slumbers nor sleeps. It has ever been fixed on you—it beholds

It is requested that you will turn to the fifteenth chapter of Luke, and read the touching account of the prodigal son.


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