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inasmuch as what is most visible of the the conversion of the whole. To say much character of the sailor to the public view, in few words, I may state, that the meetis that which proclaims his degradation. ings have been very rare in which there My missionary intercourse among our have not been some scriptural marks of seamen, however, affords a very different good being done. May I just notice one impression, or rather a conviction, that or two cases at a meeting held on the 31st true religion is gradually, and in some October, on board the Peace, capt. H. R. instances, rapidly spreading amongst them; Cabin and steerage crowded with earnest and as to the spirit that prevails, where souls ;-finding myself unable to preach to go on earth in order to find more of from severe coughing, (arising from the the original simplicity of the gospel, I crowded state of the meetings of late, know not.

capt. Anderson of the Yacht being present It is a thought in which I have fre- with his crew, (a young man of excellent quently indulged of late (and I believe not abilities, and zealous in the cause of a groundless one) that even among sailors,

Christ and for the souls of his brethren) the great head of the church is raising kindly assisted me by giving an affectionate up a people that were before considered address ; in the course of which he rethe outcasts of men-a people who shall marked, that some persons may think that stand a living testimony of the trans- our meeting together in this humble manforming power of the gospel. The time ner in a ship's cabin, is a great weakness ; has arrived when our converted seamen indeed, by some it was considered insignifiare to be found in far distant ports and

cant. After his address, we returned to continents, and by the very shores where prayer, when a fine robust sailor broke darkness and superstition have long held forth in strains of grateful thanks, that their reign-even there our pious and he had lately been induced to attend these brave captains are to be seen with their insignificant meetings, (so called) turning praying crews around them-lifting up the the word over again and again. He closed standard of the cross-and without the by intreating that none might call those laying on of hands (unless it be that of insignificant meetings that were honoured the Holy Spirit) preaching the unsearch- with the presence of God, and made effecable riches of Christ, and to the astonished tual to the salvation of his poor soul. multitudes declaring the wonderful works A second meeting of much interest was of God! What but this means the poet : held on the 6th instant, on board the

Unity, capt. Bulmer; there were fortyFlow on swect stream, for ever flow,

one present, with six or ten captains in The earth with glory flll ;

the company-what was most affecting, Flow on till all the Saviour know, And all obey His will.

the greater part of the forty-one had

become praying seamen of late," what During the past two months, I have

hath God wrought?" my own beart filled been enabled to hold forty-one Bethel (at the commencement of the sacred serservices, twenty-eight on ship-board, and vice) as a brand plucked from the fire thirteen on shore. My services afloat --with them, as with many grateful, have generally corroborated the preceding cheerful voices, we sung the following statements. My ship meetings have been appropriate lines :attended by 606 sons of the ocean, upwards of 150 of whom engaged in earnest

Suffice that for the season past, supplications at the throne of grace for Hell's horrid language filled our tongues,

We all thy words behind us cast,

of persons, sailors, and others; many of And loudly sung the drunkard's song.

which attend no place of worship,-and But O, the power of grace divine !

tracts have been distributed generally at In hymns we now our voices raise ;

all those services, to such characters Loudly in strange Hosannals join,

sume of the profligate females of the And blasphemies are turned to praise.

neighbourhood have been found to attend I have visited the shipping in the va- -persons passing and repassing from their rious docks and canals as usual, including work have come and stayed during the the river ;-I have distributed about 2000

service. Many foreign going sailors, tracts, giving a word of instruction as

loitering along Ratcliff Highway, have circumstances called for, and have obtained turned in with us, seeing the Bethel flag for the Society's agents for evening ser

displayed, and their minds have been se. vices 55 ships ; have visited the seamens' riously impressed-one belonging to the lodging-houses, and the wounded sailors crew of a large East Indiaman, particularin London hospital ;--in this latter place ly, who was thereby induced to attend the I have been gratefully received. To one

Rev. Mr. Hyatt's chapel afterwards, while poor sailor that lies there with a broken

in port, until he left this countryon a voyage limb, far from home, I hope the books and

to Madras, a different man, (to use his own tracts given, and the various visits, have words) to what he was before. A Roman Cabeen useful to his soul.

tholic girl, about twenty years of age, who

was passing by, and came in merely for curiMr. J. PALMER, for Nov. 1842. osity, the instruction communicated proved I do remember my faults this day, was

profitable to her. She afterwards attended the language of Pharoah's chief butler the chapel regularly, threw away her mass respecting Joseph, who afterward became book--requested a New Testament which the second ruler of the land of Egypt. I gave her-speedily read it through, and These words are applicable to me. Having is now, I believe, serving God in spirit failed to give in my report last month,

and in truth. The preached word appears not that I had nothing to state, but to have had a good effect on the mind of because I was engaged in working, and a journeyman carpenter, who attended these had not opportunity for writing. However,

means, first with his bag of tools, and I can say, (time having since passed on) whose soul was seriously influenced by a deliberately and advisedly, that I have reference in the sermon to the death of a had a laborious but encouraging four man, who, it appeared, had died in his months. My services bave been various; sins, of cholera, after only eight hours several sabbaths at Long Reach—ditto at

illness, and who was buried in the same Billingsgate-some on board the large ground on the afternoon of the day. A Scotch steamers—at the sailors' chapel,

woman likewise, just recovered from the week-days and sabbaths—several sabbaths cholera, stated the saving benefit she reat the London Dock gates-similarly en

ceived by the preaching there. Several gaged in the open space of ground fronting

circumstances peculiar to our operations the Rev. Mr. Hyatt's chapel, at Shad- may be now recorded, in connection with well. Also, every Wednesday evening my services, from ship to ship. I attended under the Bethel flag, from the month of

a meeting near London Bridge, and con June to the end of September. Some of versed with the sailor, whose life was so these services were attended by hundreds wonderfully preserved in the life-boat off

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" It was

Whitby, which overturned in a violent There was one man, said the captain, that storm, and enclosed him for two hours in I addressed, as I did the rest, I shall the month of October, 1841. He is a

never forget, who since I know as man of prayer, a decided, devoted chris- primitive methodist preacher, and when tian,-and prayers morning and evening I asked him if he were prepared to die, are performed in the ship to which he clasped his hands together, and with eyes belongs. Captain M. of the A. one night uplifted to heaven, exclaimed with emmuch interested me and others by a phasis, which God alone inspires_“Yes, recital of his course and conduct for I am, and have been long prepared.” O several years at sea. He is one of our what a change was evidenced—I never oldest friends, and for a lengthened period shall forget the pleasure that beamed in has been identified with the Bethel cause. his countenance when he answered my His efforts have been blessed of God, not enquiry. In the midst of this some only to the conversion of some of his asked, can anything be done? The captain crew, but of passengers als), who sailed said-a signal of distress can be hoisted. with him on different voyages from Eng. This was done at the mast head, but hope land to New York. He states, there was deferred made their hearts sick. They a great revival one voyage particularly, then in great agony and despair cried out, which will be eternally remembered by can any thing more be done ? Nothing, many who were at that time on board his answered the captain, but to hoist another ship; and personal testimony has since been signal to the other mast-head. Oh let it borne to the good effect thereof, at differ- be done let it be done, said they,-for ent times in America, to the captain himself God's sake let it be done. and others. He once sailed in a vessel done.” The signals of distress were flying which sprung a leak in the midst of the drearily in the storm. All was suspense western ocean, the ship was loaded with -breathless anxiety-when lol a vessel iron. All means were used that could be hove in sight—she saw us—she bore down used to save her. The captain worked to use they took us all on board, and hard-the crew laboured—the passengers when we were safe, we looked to the assisted to the utmost of their power ship from which we had just escaped, when the leak increased—the wildness of the she filled--she foundered-she sunk in storm - the rushing of the sea through the the midst of the great western ocean, to vessel from stem to stern, was fearful in rise no more. I have been removed from the extreme, beyond the possibility of des- my station in the Upper Pool to the cription-and when all hope that they Lower Pool, two months since, and review should be saved was taken away from the my Bethels on shipboard with high gratificaptain's mind, he felt as a christian, he cation. I first commenced with a general had an imperious duty to discharge to all sailors prayer meeting for divine success ; on board, and he severally addressed them the time was filled by prayer for me from one by one. He told them that they captains, master and seamen. Soon after would soon die. He asked them whether this, I held a service aboard a new Bethel they were prepared to die. He earnestly ship, when the captain prayed for the exhorted them to prepare. Immediately first time. His language was as follows: one caught him and threw his arms Lord, I have never prayed; help me to around his neck, and could not believe it. commence thy ways-teach me to pray. Another went raving mad. The scene This was followed by his apprentice, enwas tremendous, terrific, and appalling. couraged by the captain's example, and who appeared to approach God with a and total abstainers, not only continue broken and contrite heart. Then broke st-adfast, but more firm in their principles. silence one of the crew, whose mind for I cannot close my report without refering a length of time had been religiously in. to the increasing good effected by the fluenced. He uttered broken accents sailors fellowship meetings on a Monday which interested angels-animated us, night, at Bell Wharf chapel; and it and were accepted of God. The captain would be ingratitude on my part not to has since attended a chapel on shore, and speak of the operations of our captains is obeying God's commandments. At and others, who have accompanied me another Bethel, (the captain of the ship, from night to night, and from ship to a devoted and energetic young man,) ship, to promote our great cause. May two sailors spoke for the first time, our good Lord bless them in port and at who had been at sea thirty years, and sea, at home and abroad—with strangers, during that time, drunken and profligate and with friends. May we all meet in

I have also held meetings pro- heaven. I have held, since my last report, mote total abstinence among seamen, 64 meetings on shore, and 40 on shipwhich were interesting, and well attended. board ;-sailors present at the different At one meeting, nine pledges were ob- servicrs, from 15 to 50. tained, and at another sixteen pledges;





We are happy to state that the above Institution bas been regularly organized, and a Committee formed to carry into effect such measures as may be deemed most expedient for the temporal improvement and religious instruction of the Lascars and other Asiatics visiting the port of London.

A special fund is now opened for this specific purpose, and the Committee respectfully beg the liberal support of the British public.

They acknowledge with best thanks the following subscriptions :

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