The Journal of a Mission to the Interior of Africa, in the Year 1805

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 102 - He remained, however, unshaken, and at length they reached the spot at which they had agreed to separate. A small ditch divided the moor from the road, and, in going over it, Park's horse stumbled, and nearly fell. " I am afraid, Mungo," said the Sheriff, " that is a bad omen." To which he answered, smiling, " Freits (omens) follow those who look to them.
Sayfa 78 - With the assistance of one of the soldiers I have changed a large canoe into a tolerably good schooner, on board of which I this day hoisted the British flag, and shall set sail to the east with the fixed resolution to discover the termination of the Niger or perish in the attempt. I have heard nothing that I can depend on respecting the remote course of this mighty stream, but I am more and more inclined to think that it can end nowhere but in the sea. ' My dear friend Mr Anderson, and likewise...
Sayfa 32 - ... Africa. His strong sense of the irksomeness of this way of life broke out from him upon many occasions; especially, when previously to his undertaking his second African mission, one of his nearest relations expostulated with him on the imprudence of again exposing himself to dangers which he had so very narrowly escaped, and perhaps even to new and still greater ones; he calmly replied, that a few inglorious winters of country practice at Peebles was a risk as great, and would tend as effectually...
Sayfa 27 - In a country divided into a thousand petty states, mostly independent and jealous of each other, where every freeman is accustomed to arms, and fond of military achievements, where the youth who has practised the bow and spear from his infancy, longs for nothing so much as an opportunity to display his valour, it is natural to imagine that wars frequently originate from very frivolous provocation.
Sayfa 74 - I shall only observe, that no event which took place during the journey, ever threw the smallest gloom over my mind, till I laid Mr. Anderson in the grave. I then felt myself, as if left a second time lonely and friendless amidst the wilds of Africa.
Sayfa 47 - I hastened to the brink, and having drunk of the water, lifted up my fervent thanks in prayer to the Great Ruler of all things for having thus far crowned my endeavours...
Sayfa 99 - I regretted much leaving this man ; he had naturally a cheerful disposition ; and he used often to beguile the watches of the night with the songs of our dear native land.
Sayfa 80 - We have already embarked all our things, and shall sail the moment I have finished this letter. I do not intend to stop or land any where, till we reach the coast: which I suppose will be some time in the end of January We shall then embark in the first vessel for England. If we have to go round by the West Indies, the voyage will occupy three months longer; so that we expect to be in England on the first of May. The reason of our delay since we left the coast was the rainy season, which came on...
Sayfa 328 - ... threw every thing they had in the canoe into the river, and kept firing, but being overpowered by numbers and fatigue, and unable to keep up the canoe against the current, and no probability of escaping, Mr. Park took hold of one of the white men and jumped into the water; Martyn did the same, and they were drowned in the stream in attempting to escape.
Sayfa 327 - Fatouma, now before you, is a bad man, and has likewise made a fool of you both." The king immediately ordered me to be put in irons, which was accordingly done, and every thing I had taken from me ; some were for killing me, and some for preserving my life.

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