Introduction to an Examination of Some Part of the Internal Evidence, Respecting the Antiquity and Authenticity of Certain Publications Said to be Found in Manuscripts, at Bristol, Written by a Learned Preist and Others, in the Fifteenth Century But Generally Considered as the Supposititious Productions of an Ingenious Youth of the Present Age

Ön Kapak
Meyler and Son, 1809 - 137 sayfa

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Sayfa 45 - Chaucer, who writing his poesies in English is of some called the first illuminator of the English tongue. Of their opinion I am not, though I reverence Chaucer as an excellent Poet for his time. He was indeed a great mingler of English with FRENCH, unto which language (by like for that he was descended of French, or rather Wallon race) he carried a great affection.
Sayfa 28 - Of worthinesse, ne of estaat, ne age, So even were they chosen, for to gesse. And in two renges faire they hem dresse. Whan that hir names rad were everichoon, That in hir nombre gyle were ther noon, Tho were the gates shet, and cryed was loude, "Do now your devoir, yonge knightes proude!
Sayfa 17 - He has tied them a' wi' St. Mary's knot, A these horses but barely three. He has tied them a' wi
Sayfa 132 - Saint Withold footed thrice the wold ; He met the night-mare, and her nine-fold ; Bid her alight, And her troth plight, And, aroint thee, witch, aroint thee ! Kent.
Sayfa 111 - In lazy apathy let stoics boast Their virtue fix'd ; 'tis fix'd as in a frost ; Contracted all, retiring to the breast ; But strength of mind is exercise, not rest ; The rising tempest puts in act the soul, Parts it may ravage, but preserves the whole. On life's vast ocean diversely we sail, Reason the card, but passion is the gale ; Nor God alone in the still calm we find, He mounts the storm, and walks upon the wind.
Sayfa 100 - The wraith, or spectral appearance, of a person shortly to die, is a firm article in the creed of Scottish superstition. Nor is it unknown in our sister kingdom.
Sayfa 103 - If the midnight bell Did, with his iron tongue and brazen mouth, Sound on unto the drowsy race of night...
Sayfa 77 - Giff ye a goddesse be, and that ye like To do me payne, I may it...
Sayfa 52 - Above the noise and stir of yonder fields Uplifted, on this height I feel the mind Expand itself in wider liberty. The distant sounds break gently on my sense, Soothing to meditation: so methinks, Even so, sequester'd from the noisy world, Could I wear out this transitory being In peaceful contemplation and calm ease. But conscience, which still censures on our acts, That awful voice within us, and the sense Of an hereafter, wake and rouse us up From such unshaped retirement; which were else A blest...
Sayfa vii - Shakespeare perhaps only meant so, the leaves involve the flower, using woodbine for the plant and honeysuckle for the flower; or perhaps Shakespeare made a blunder, (rev.

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