A Naval History of World War I

Ön Kapak
UCL Press, 1995 - 591 sayfa
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This book aims to provide a definitive work on the First World War at sea. It aims to cover, in a single volume, many aspects of the naval war and to treat the conflict, from the viewpoints of "all" the participants rather than just the Anglo-German perspective.A Naval History of World War I represents a major contribution to our understanding of the operation, tactics and strategy of the First World War. The book covers the activities of the French and British in the Mediterranean, the Italians and Austrians in the Adriatic, and the Russians, Germans and Turks in the Baltic and Black Seas. Detailing the Royal Navy's campaign against the German raiders, the colonial campaigns and the major overseas expeditions, Professor Halpern examines not only naval operations, but leadership, policy, strategy, tactics and technology and relates these to the wider political, diplomatic and economic aspects of the war.; Covering lesser-known conflicts such as the Rumanian campaign and the Danube Flotillas, As Well As The Historic Battles Of Jutland, The Dardanelles and the anti-submarine warfare, the author presents a fully comprehensive and accessible treatment. The book is intended for all serious students of the First World War.

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LibraryThing Review

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - douboy50 - LibraryThing

Fine work by Paul G. Halpern. Coverd the Naval aspect of WWI completely and exclusively. This book greatly expanded my knowledge of the sea war. The volume is set up geographically (The Baltic, The ... Tam incelemeyi okuyun

Review: A Naval History Of World War 1 (Warfare and History)

Kullanıcı Değerlendirmesi  - Goodreads

I actually only waded through about a third of it. Its really more of a textbook than a reading book. I picked a number of ideas for naval engagements that will make their way into my games. Tam incelemeyi okuyun

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