Food for Thought

Ön Kapak
Xulon Press, 2007 - 172 sayfa
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"Food for Thought" will teach you prosperous living through the Word of God. You will find that this book is much more than the world's view on the subject of prosperity and rightly so since God is the creator of what true prosperity and success is. God wants you to maximize your talents and gifts to fulfill your purpose and to reach your destiny. He created you to succeed. You will learn some of the ingredients necessary to finish strong. "The material that Chef Gaston composed is one with the finest information that I have ever been exposed to. This is marvelous greatness!" Bishop Isaiah S. Williams Jr., D.D, D.Min., President, RCA & Pastor, Jesus People Ministries International "An inspirational piece of work that provides practical, bible-based solutions to everyday spiritual, moral dilemmas. It is definitely something you can sink your teeth into. Bon appétit!" Dr. Cherrolyn Smith, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Associates "Chef Gaston presents the Gospel of God in a creative yet practical way. His menu has great variety and appeals to the most discriminating taste. We highly recommend it for those desiring to 'prosper and be in health' God's way." Drs. William and Barbara DeSue, Pastors, Increasing Joy Ministries "Savor the wisdom Chef Gaston successfully conveys as necessary ingredients for fulfilling life." Kenneth W. Oden, Former President and CEO of Barnett Bank Manatee County Gaston is an ordained minister of the gospel who teaches the Word of God with a flavorful blend. He has appeared on television talk shows, in newspapers, and in magazines. He uses his talent in culinary arts when ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has over 25 years of experience as an accomplished chef, including prior ownership of two restaurants, two catering businesses, and a former Culinary Arts instructor.

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Servers Acknowledgments
Ingredients Introduction
The words you speak determine the harvest you reap
Have a positive attitude when serving others as if you were serving God himself
Poverty is the result of refusing knowledge and direction
Even if you are on the right track it takes acceleration to progress
Help others solve their problems and God will help you solve yours
Sacrifice is that which obedience would have prevented
Faith is believing God for what you cannot see as though it is already a reality Dont quit
Whoever you owe money to is to whom you are a slave
The way the world will believe that Jesus is one in the Father is when the church is on one accord
The fruit of the Spirit grows year round under all climates and through all storms It always produces more fruit
God is pleased when Christians prosper and succeed for His purpose
Anything that is a part of your Race Culture Church Denomination Family Traditions or Lifestyle that is not of God get rid of it
Just when you think it is over God will do the impossible
The people who you surround yourself with help determine your successes or failures

When you give to others God will cause men to give abundantly to you
The way you think is what you will become Seek the Mind of Christ
Time will not wait for you to get over your problems All of time has its End
Wisdom is seeing and evaluating things through the power of God
Your wisdom is limited to who you listen to and who you spend time with
What you do is a testimony of who you represent
If you do not sow any seeds during seed time the fruit of your labor will be exactly what you have sownNothing
Prosperity or success in this worlds system means you dont lack finances or money however prosperity in the Kingdom of God means you dont lack ...
Where you spend eternity depends on what you believe and how you live
Patience is to prepare yourself for where God wants you to go so when your season arrives you can walk in it
The way your life starts is no excuse for how it ends up God will do a new thing within you
Faith and hurrying are incompatible Everything happens in Gods time Just be ready to receive
God gives you the authority to control your body Your body does not have the authority to control you
God did not create you to abandon you So regardless of your current circumstances God will lead you out victoriously
Even when God opens a door it is your choice to walk through it
Your need will be supplied according to your purpose and your assignment
If unbelievers can overcome their problems shouldnt you?
A family that works together achieves together
Dessert to Go Salvation
Chefs Special Sample Recipes
About the Author
Telif Hakkı

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