Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
Phillips, Sampson, 1852 - 347 sayfa
I. Youth: autobiography. Cambridge, by J. F. Clarke. Groton and Providence: letters and journals. Concord, by R. W. Emerson. Boston, by R. W. Emerson.--II. Jamaica Plain, by W. H. Channing. New York: Journals, letters, &c. Europe: Letters. Homeward, by W. H. Channing.

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Sayfa 261 - Un conquérant, dans sa fortune altière, Se fit un jeu des sceptres et des lois , Et de ses pieds on peut voir la poussière Empreinte encor sur le bandeau des rois.
Sayfa 144 - WHAT are we set on earth for ? Say, to toil; Nor seek to leave thy tending of the vines For all the heat o' the day, till it declines, And death's mild curfew shall from work assoil. God did anoint thee with his odorous oil, To wrestle, not to reign; and he assigns All thy tears over, like pure crystallines, For younger fellow-workers of the soil To wear for amulets. So others shall Take patience...
Sayfa 59 - Thou Friend, whose presence on my wintry heart Fell, like bright Spring upon some herbless plain, How beautiful and calm and free thou wert In thy young wisdom...
Sayfa 53 - Perkins's school and study Greek till twelve, when, the school being dismissed, I recite, go home, and practise again till dinner, at two. Sometimes, if the conversation is very agreeable, I lounge for half an hour over the dessert, though rarely so lavish of time. Then, when I can, I read two hours in Italian, but I am often interrupted. At six, I walk, or take a drive. Before going to bed, I play or sing, for half an hour...
Sayfa 122 - book each time with an earnest desire to live as he ' did, — always to have some engrossing object of pur'suit. I sympathize deeply with a mind in that ' state. While mine is being used up by ounces, I wish 11 ' pailfuls might be poured into it.
Sayfa 146 - God keeps a niche In Heaven to hold our idols ; and albeit He brake them to our faces and denied That our close kisses should impair their white, I know we shall behold them raised, complete, The dust swept from their beauty, — glorified New Memnons singing in the great God-light.
Sayfa 325 - What were we born to do? and how shall we do it? — which so few ever propose to themselves till their best years are gone by, I should think the undertaking a noble one, and, if my resources should prove sufficient to make me its moving spring, I should be willing to give to it a large portion of those coming years, which will, as I hope, be my best.
Sayfa 283 - It is so true that a woman may be in love with a woman, and a man with a man.
Sayfa 329 - But, with this difference ; men are called on, from a very early period, to reproduce all that they learn. Their college exercises, their political duties, their professional studies, the first actions of life in any direction, call on them to put to use what they have learned. But women learn without any attempt to reproduce. Their only reproduction is for purposes of display.
Sayfa 202 - She studied my tastes, piqued and amused me, challenged frankness by frankness, and did not conceal the good opinion of me she brought with her, nor her wish to please. She was curious to know my opinions and experiences. Of course, it was impossible long to hold out against such urgent assault.

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