Memory Traces

Ön Kapak
New Global Publishing, 2007 - 144 sayfa
Memory Traces by Edson Teles tells a story of faith and hope to humanity which is surrounded by war poverty and distress, but which can be rescued by the Word of God. The most valuable and powerful message that the author expresses in this book is that no matter how bad our situation may be, we can find comfort in the Word of God. It may lead us to do wonders in this world by transforming despair into hope, suffering into comfort, and sorrow into joy. It helps us repair the damages that humanity has brought upon itself because of acts of violence, cruelty and brutality by bringing peace, hope and healing instead to restore those who were left physically or emotionally wounded. To illustrate that, the author goes back in time to a period of War (The Second World War). In Austria, as an American soldier who was fighting against the German's, the main character, Roni, reencounters Marcus, a boy who he had met several years ago, but who now is a man serving in the German army. In the past, they had made a bond through an act of generosity and benevolence of Roni. But now, they were brought together by fate as enemies. In the battlefield, they meet face to face, at gunpoint. Marcus, serving in the German army, and Roni, in the American army. Did they recognize each other? Read this impressive and grandiose story and find out what fate has to tell you.

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