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56 BEEKMAN STREET, N. Y., Offer for sale a large assortment of

SCHOOL AND TEXT-BOOKS AT DISCOUNTS OF 15 TO 25 PER CENT. Or will exchange or purchase School-Books for which you have no further use or sale.

The following standard books are offered in exchange for acceptable School-Books of current editions, either new or second-hand. Macaulay's History of England, 5 vols., cloth. Scott's Waverley Novels, 25 vols., cloth. Routledge Edition. Shakspeare's Dramatic Works, 6 vols., cloth. Dickens' Little Folks, 6 and 9 vols., cloth.

Tennyson's Poems, Red-Line Edition.
Taine's English Literature.
Macaulay's Life and Letters, 3 vols., cloth.
Macaulay's Essays and Poems, 3 vols., cloth.
Hume's History of England, 6 vols, cloth.

Hans Andersen's Stories, 3 vols.
Robinson Crusoe and Arabian Nights.
Life and Epistles of St. Paul, Conybeare & Howson.

Willis' Outlines of U. S. Government,

And other standard miscellaneous Books. Send us a complete list of the School-Books you use, and we will quote prices.

If you have anything to sell or exchange, send us a list, giving 'date and condition, and we will make you an offer. JOHN R. ANDERSON & CO.,

56 Beekman Street, New York.

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