Astro-theology: Or, A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God, from a Survey of the Heavens ...

Ön Kapak
W. and J. Innys, 1721 - 246 sayfa

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Sayfa xix - His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it : and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.
Sayfa 107 - ... sun (P. Africanus) was extinguished. These things terrified mankind, and raised in them a firm belief of the existence of some celestial and divine power. His fourth cause, and that the strongest, is drawn from the regularity of the motion and revolution of the heavens, the distinctness, variety, beauty, and order of the sun, moon, and all the stars, the appearance only of which is sufficient to convince us they are not the effects of chance ; as when we enter into a house, or school, or court,...
Sayfa xlvii - Sun, and fb many as are imagined to be about the Fixt Stars ? To which the anfwer is, That they are Worlds, or places of Habitation, which is concluded from their being habitable, and well provided for Habitation.
Sayfa 26 - ... and distance of the fixed stars. We admire, indeed with propriety, the vast bulk of our own globe ; but, when we consider how much it is surpassed by most of the heavenly bodies, what a point it degenerates into, and how little more even the vast orbit in which it revolves would appear, when seen from some of the fixed stars, we begin to conceive more just ideas of the extent of the universe, and of the boundaries of creation.
Sayfa 85 - And which of thefc two is the moft agreeable to the ufual courfe and methods of nature, which performs all its works in the moft compendious, facile way, let every one judge. And is it not far the moft compendious, ready and eafy way, that the terraqueous globe...
Sayfa 39 - Univerfe be ft. 39 becoming the infinite CREATOR, than any other of the narrower Schemes. For here we have the Works of the Creation, not confined to the more fcanty limits of the Orb> or Arch of the Fixt Stars, or even the larger Space of the Primum Mobile, which the ancients...
Sayfa 4 - What can be so plain and clear as, when we behold the heavens, and view the celestial bodies, that we should conclude there is some Deity of a most excellent mind by whom these things are governed — a present and Almighty God ? Which he that doubts of, I do not understand why he should not as well doubt whether there be a sun that shines, and enlightens the world.
Sayfa lv - tis 2 probaprobable are there, what Vegetables are produced, what Minerals and Metals are afforded, what Animals live there, what Parts, Faculties and Endowments they have, with much more to the fame purpofe ; he may find a pleafant entertainment enough in the great Mr. Chriftian Huygenss Coftnotheoros and fome other Authors that have written on the Subject.
Sayfa 215 - Men that had fo debauched themfelves with drink, and enervated their minds by pleafares, that they regarded not the work of the Lord, neither confidered the operation of his hands. Such perfons having led their lives in fuch a manner, as to wifh there was no GOD, to call them to account, would then...

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