Mediating in Cyprus: The Cypriot Communities and the United Nations

Ön Kapak
Routledge, 3 Nis 2013 - 320 sayfa
The UN peacemaking operation in Cyprus has been one of the longest of its kind, but has resulted in discarded proposals, non-papers or reports. This study investigates the Cypriot parties' views of peacemaking, to shed light on the problem, and on the theoretical debates surrounding mediation.

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TheUnited Nations inDisarray The Second Wave ofTurkish Troops and a Reassessment of
ASurvey ofTheoreticalApproaches to Peacemaking
TheDisputants View of International Mediation
The Historical Background to the Cyprus Problem
Disputants Views ofUN Peacemaking
The Implications of the Disputants Views 5 A Reversal ofFortunes TheTwo Communities Views of
APreliminary Framework and Further Negotiations
The Implications of the Disputants Views
the Search for a Solution or Devious Objectives?
UNSecurity CouncilResolution 186of 4 March1964 APPENDIX 4 UNGeneralAssembly Resolution 3212 1974

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