The Hengwrt ms (no. 154) of Chaucer's Canterbury tales

Ön Kapak
Chaucer Society, 1879 - 27 sayfa
Includes: Drawings of the 23 tellers of the 24 Canterbury tales, copied from the Ellesmere ms. and cut on wood by Mr. W. H. Hooper.

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Sayfa 16 - And bathed every veyne in swich licour, Of which vertu engendred is the flour; Whan Zephirus eek with his sweete breeth Inspired hath in every holt and heeth The tendre croppes...
Sayfa 16 - But sore weep she if oon of hem were deed, Or if men smoot it with a yerde smerte : And al was conscience and tendre herte.
Sayfa 16 - This noble ensample to his sheep he yaf, That first he wroghte, and afterward he taughte; Out of the gospel he tho wordes caughte; And this figure he added eek ther-to, That if gold ruste, what shal iren do?
Sayfa 16 - In felawshipe, and pilgrims were they alle, That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde; The chambres and the stables weren wyde, And wel we weren esed atte beste. And shortly, whan the sonne was to reste, So hadde I spoken with hem everichon...
Sayfa 154 - Daunced ful ofte in many a grene mede. This was the olde opinion, as I rede; I speke of manye hundred yeres ago. But now kan no man se none elves mo, For now the grete charitee and prayeres...
Sayfa 70 - My deere doghter Venus," quod Saturne, "My cours, that hath so wyde for to turne, Hath moore power than woot any man. Myn is the drenchyng in the see so wan, Myn is the prison in the derke cote, Myn is the stranglyng and hangyng by the throte, The murmure, and the cherles rebellyng, The groynynge, and the pryvee empoysonyng.
Sayfa 460 - But nathelees, if I kan shape it so That it departed were among us two, Hadde I nat doon a freendes torn to thee?
Sayfa 22 - And wel I woot, as ye goon by the weye, Ye shapen yow to talen and to pleye.
Sayfa 481 - And eek also, wher-as he saugh thimage Of Cristes moder, had he in usage, As him was taught, to knele adoun and seye His Ave Marie as he goth by the weye.
Sayfa 242 - And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, — As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, — Taketh the moralite...

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