Works of Archbishop Whitgift

Ön Kapak
University Press, 1851

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Sayfa 143 - And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men ; but God knoweth your hearts : for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God.
Sayfa 25 - For the earth which drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon it, and bringeth forth herbs meet for them by whom it is dressed, receiveth blessing from God ; but that which beareth thorns and briers is rejected, and is nigh unto cursing; whose end is to be burned.
Sayfa 185 - So that notwithstanding government, or some kind of government, may be a part of the Church, touching the outward form and perfection of it, yet is it not such a part of the essence and being, but that it may be the Church of Christ without this or that kind of government, and therefore the kind of government of the Church is not necessary unto salvation.
Sayfa 217 - The rule of faith, indeed, is altogether one, alone immoveable and irreformable; the rule, to wit, of believing in one only God omnipotent, the Creator of the universe, and His Son Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, crucified under Pontius Pilate, raised...
Sayfa 143 - But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.
Sayfa 386 - ... therefore the church having nothing to do with such, the magistrate ought to see that they join to hear the sermons in the place where they are made, whether it be in...
Sayfa 31 - Surely there was not holden such a passover from the days of the judges that judged Israel, nor in all the days of the kings of Israel, nor of the kings of Judah; 23 But in the eighteenth year of king Josiah, wherein this passover was holden to the LORD in Jerusalem.
Sayfa 436 - I reverence Mr Calvin as a singular man and worthy instrument in Christ's Church, but I am not so wholly addicted unto him that I will condemn other men's judgements that in divers points agree not fully with him, especially in the interpretation of some places of the Scripture, when as, in my opinion, they come nearer to the true meaning and sense of it in those points than he doth'.
Sayfa 489 - Supper. . . . The Bishop by speaking these words doth not take upon him to give the Holy Ghost, no more than he doth to remit sins, when he pronounceth the remission of sins. . . . He doth shew the principal duty of a minister, and assureth him of the assistance of God's Holy Spirit, if he labour in the same accordingly.
Sayfa 48 - And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.