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"After duly deliberating on this important subject, and on the ideas already developed concerning the GOD OF REVELATION, &c., the Conference came to the following most interesting conclusions:That the Patriarchs, Moses, the Prophets, the Apostles, and other holy men of old,' being possessed of that right human spirit ever filled with the Divine, which, in their surrounding sphere, would receive and reflect the DIVINE IMAGE, as it is received and refracted by the same Spirit in our atmosphere;-it must necessarily happen, in all their unobscured states of mind and spirit, that they would see the LORD, or what they called the WORD OF THE LORD, apparently standing near to them, and by the suggestions of His Spirit, there apparently speaking to them as a man does to his friend.' That the Reflected IMAGE OF GOD is that Personal HOLY SPIRIT, and the Refracted IMAGE OF GOD that Personal JESUS CHRIST, by and in whom alone the ETERNAL FATHER has ever been manifested, and His Will and Wisdom revealed, to the sons of men. That the ONE GOD, thus appearing in His Son and Spirit, did actually speak all the laws and all the predictions contained in the BIBLE, and virtually perform all the things ascribed to Him in the historical parts of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS. That the

Four Ages of the world, so much spoken of by the Ancients, are the Four successive Revelations, which God has given of Himself,-in Paradise,—in the Church which perished at the flood;-to the Hebrews,-and to Christians. That the HOLY BIBLE, which treats professedly of the beginning, duration, and ending of those Four Ages, being, of course, the complete Canon of Sacred Writ; no man can presume to be the medium of any further Revelations from God, without being either a deceiver, or deceived. That the Revelations of the BIBLE, which were first given by GOD HIMSELF, being now fixed in Writing, are the only true medium through which HE, by His Spirit, continues, at this day, to enlighten mankind. That those men are enlightened through the Scriptures, who see therein the eternal laws of that DIVINE PROVIDENCE which governs the world; and the interior principles, good and evil, which, in proportion as they alternately prevailed, did successively elevate and depress the different Churches described in the BIBLE, and will, at this day and in all ages, elevate the faithful and depress the wicked in every Church under heaven. That a further unfolding of those laws and those principles, in any particular WRI TINGS, is not to be considered as a new Revelation, but as a new Doctrine, provi dentially contained in the BIBLE from the time it was first written; but developed, under GoD, precisely when wanted, to reedify or re-establish a scripture-founded Church.-This plain account of Biblical Revelation exhibits a true Characteristic of what may properly be called the WORD OF GOD, as being SPOKEN by GOD HIMSELF; and shows also, how genuine Church-doctrine may, at all times, be derived from that WORD, by unfolding the eternal laws and interior princibles ever abounding in its literal Facts,

Conference now proceeded to examine the difference between a real and an apparent CHURCH.-All must acknowledge the difference between a Church professing under man, and a Church PRACTISING UNDER GOD, the Truths and Precepts of Sacred Scripture; and that the LATTER is the GENUINE CHURCH of Revelation, ever to be sanctioned and established

on earth; whilst the former is that noisy and ostentatious Pretender, always relinquished by the true-born children of God.'

properly understood, it is always believed, and held, under GOD, independently of man."

"Church Discipline was now considered, as it respects praying, expounding the Bible or preaching, the order of worship; Baptism, the Holy Supper, and Church Membership.

"In Praying it was the general wish, that the exordium should announce always an important practical truth; respecting which the minister should beseech the congregation to apply fervently to their God for assistance or deliverance, not in a dictatorial, but humble and submissive spirit; and that all prayer, public as well as private, should be extempore.

"In Expounding the Bible, it was recommended to give, by way of preface, the general sense first; and then, as the passage is regularly read throughout its pauses, to descant on the genuine and literal meaning of the text ;-pointing out at the same time those eternal principles contained therein, which are of universal application, and of unalterable obligation, in all ages of the world; that their Ministers and Teachers would found all their doctrines on the literal facts recorded in the Bible;-enable their audiences by a lucidus ordo, to see as well as hear;— press every point in animated, earnest and affectionate language; illustrate copiously, by appealing to natural facts, and actual experience in real life; and above all things to live as they preach, that they may always be prepared, without notes, and win souls by that example which renders precept irresistible.


"This distinction led to the following conclusions which Conference deemed well calculated to make all christians of one heart and of one mind in the doctrine and practice of their holy Religion:-That the well-disposed natural man, not know ing the things of the Spirit of God,' himself, yet capable of reformation and inclining towards religion, puts himself, voluntarily and implicitly, under the teaching and direction of some religious Leader, whom he cannot perhaps rightly understand, but whom he conceives to be nearly infallible in the exposition and elucidation of scriptural doctrines. That this natural man,' though not apprehending ideas, is extremely zealous for the words of his Leader, which he will maintain even in direct opposition to the sense they were intended to convey. That, if his Leader be spiritual-minded, one that directs the heart and life in true submission to the revealed will of God;-in process of time, this natural carnal man,' once enmity against God, turning from evil, will turn to the one living and true God,'-under whose influence, perceiving the truths he had hitherto but blindly followed, he is enabled, at length, to say to his Leader, as the people did to the woman of Samaria, Now I believe, not because of thy word; for I have seen and heard the TRUTH myself. That, in this way, there is a double conversion, first to religious men, NEXT to the GOD OF REVELATION: -Those in the former conversion are the Sectarians; these in the LATTER are the genuine and UNITED CHURCH. That thus, in every Church, the adopted under man are the elect;' the heaven-born, the 'pre-calogue; then a passage of the Old Tesdestinated' who, 'from the foundation of the world,' ever take precedence of those 'born after the flesh,' and inherit the highest privileges and possessions of their FATHER'S HOUSE.-It consequent ly appears, contrary to what has generally been supposed, that the greatest sectarians, are the least enlightened; that those who clamor most for the particular doctrines of men, understand those doctrines the least; and that, when religious truth is


tament, in the Morning of the Lord's day, read and expounded, chapter after chapter, in regular rotation. Evening service begins in the same manner, with a hymn, prayer followed by a chant, or hymn, then portion after portion of the New Testament, read and expounded. After the exposition of the Chapters, morning and evening, another hymn, and then a general Benediction.

Baptism, being the ancient ceremony

"The order of worship, recommended on experience as perhaps the most useful and consistent, begins with a Hymn, followed by prayer, the reading of the De

of adopting both children and adults, under any particular denomination from might be performed, it was agreed, as a man; that they wished to be simply Bi. ceremony, either by sprinkling or im- ble Christians, and are in perfect union mersion, To some, it was thought, and connection with the sincere, conscien. sprinkling would appear to be a sealing tious livers, in all the various denominaon the forehead, and might, on that ac- tions of Christians; that they presume not count, be preferred. But immersion, it to exercise any dominion over the faith, was allowed, was more according to the or consciences of men; that all who wish primitive practice of the Christian Church. to join them in shunning the common evils The end, however, is the baptism of the and errors of the world, --in abstaining Spirit ; without which, the ceremony, from animal food; that is, from fish, flesh however rightly performed, has not its and fowl of every kind, and from all inintended effect, in bringing the baptized toxicating liquors; and in appropriating to one, by purification and holiness of heart life the truths and precepts of the Bible, and life, into the real body and commu- are freely admitted, under God, as memnion of Christ's CHURCH, visible and bers of the True Bible-Christian Church. invisible, on earth and in heaven. The adoption is by Baptism ; the ratifi.

The Holy Supper, being the ancient cation by the Holy Supper.marriage feast in its original ceremonies, In statistics, the number of members of would be celebrated, it was concluded, the Bible-Christian Church in Philadelmost usefully, and most according to pri- | phia, compared with many others, is very mitive usage, if the bread and wine (un. small. At their annual meeting in May, fermented,) were distributed amongst the 1847, they had between 70 and 80 memcommunicants in their pews, by deacons, bers. There are individuals abstaining as appointed assistants, whilst the minister from animal food and intoxicating drinks enlarges, at discretion, on the duties of the in several of the States in the Union, and bride of the Lamb, &c., &c.

agreeing with us in doctrine, but, out of As to Church Membership, Conference Philadelphia, there is, at present, no reguthought it proper for them to declare, that larly organized society of Bible-Christhey did not form a Sectarian Church, I tians in this country.





The Roman Catholic Church, as it hani, or San Salvador, and at the foot of exists on this side of the Atlantic, may the cross poured forth his fervent thanks date its origin from the discovery of the to God for the success of his glorious en. western world. From the memorable day, terprise : this church has, amid many reOctober the eleventh, 1492, on which Co. verses, continued gradually to advance. lumbus landed upon the island of Guana. If in some quarters she has met with re

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