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cording to Christ's own appointment in all XVII. Of the only Oblation of Christ, those things, so far as they are requisite, finished upon the Cross.—The offering and in conformity with the ordinances of which was once made by Christ on the Christ.

cross, is that perfect redemption, propitia. XIII. Of speaking in the Congregation tion and satisfaction, for all the sins of the in such a Tongue as the People may un- whole world, both original and actual, so derstand.-Public prayers in the church, that there is no other satisfaction required and the ministering of baptism and of the but that alone. Lord's Supper in a tongue not understood XVIII. Of Church Rites and Cerema by the people, are matters plainly repug. nies.-It is by no means necessary,

that nant to the word of God, and the custom ceremonies and rites should in all places of the primitive church.

be the same, or exactly alike; for they XIV. Of Baptism and the Lord's Sup- have always been different, and may be per.-Baptism and the Lord's Supper, changed according to the diversity of ordained by Christ, are not only given countries, times and national manners, pledges or tokens. of Christian men's pro- provided, that nothing be introduced confession, but they are much more certain trary to God's ordinances. Whosoever, signs of yrace and God's good will towards through his private judgment, willingly us, by which he works invisibly in us, and purposely doth break the ordinances, quickens and also strengthens and confirms ceremonies and rites of the church to which our faith in him.

he belongs, (if they are not repugnant to Baptism and the Lord's Supper were the word of God, and are ordained by not ordained by Christ that we should proper authority,) ought to be rebuked abuse them; but that we should duly use openly, as one that offendeth against the them. And in such only, as worthily re. order of the church, and woundeth the ceive the same, they produce a wholesome consciences of the weaker brethren, in ani effectual power; but such, as receive order that others may be deterred from them unworthily, purchase to themselves similar audacity. damnation, as Paul saith.

Every particular church has the privi. XV. Of Baptism. - Baptism is not lege to introduce, change, and abolish rites merely a token of a Christian profession, and ceremonies; yet so, that all things whereby Christians are distinguished from may be done to edification. others, and whereby they obligate them- XIX. Of the Rulers of the United selves to observe every Christian duty; States of America.-The President, Conbut it is also a sign of internal ablution, gress, the General Assemblies, the Goverrenovation, or the new birth.

nors, and the Councils of State, as the XVI. Of the Lord's Supper.—The delegates of the people, according to the Supper of the Lord is not merely a token regulation and transfer of power, made to of love and union, that Christians ought them by the constitution of the United to have among themselves and one towards States, and by the constitutions of their another; but it is much more, a mystery respective states, are the rulers of, and in or a representation of our redemption by the United States. And these states are the sufferings and death of Christ ; inso. a sovereign and independent nation, which much, that such as rightly, and worthily, is and ought not to be subject to any and faithfully receive the same, partake of foreign jurisdiction : though we believe the body and blood of Christ by faith, as that wars and bloodshed are not agreeable the imparting means, not in a bodily but with the gospel and spirit of Christ. in a spiritual manner, in eating the broken XX. Concerning the Christian's tem. bread and in drinking the blessed cup, poral property. The temporal property which is handed them. Transubstantia. of Christians must not be considered as tion, or the changing of the bread and common, in regard to the right, title and wine into the body and blood of Christ possession of the same, as some do vaiuly in the Lord's Supper, cannot be supported pretend; but as lawful possessions. Not. by Holy Writ, but is repugnant to the withstanding, every one ought, of the plain words of the Scriptures.

things he possesseth, to give to the poor

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and needy, and to manifest Christian love | and liberality towards them.

XXI. Of the last Judgment and God's righteous Sentence of Rewards and Punishments. We believe that Jesus Christ will come in the last day, to judge all mankind by a righteous judgment; that God will give unto the faithful, elect and godly, eternal life and happiness, everlasting rest, peace and joy without end. But God will bid the impenitent and ungodly, depart to the devil and his angels, to endure everlasting damnation, punishment and pain, torment and misery. Therefore we are not to concede to the doctrine of those who maintain that devils and ungodly men will not have to suffer eternal punishment and torment.


Their conferences are: first, a quarterly; second, an annual; and third, a general conference. The first takes place on every circuit at the quarterly meetings; the second once a year in every conference district, and the third every four years

in the district of the whole society, on account of which it is called the general conference. The members of the quarterly conference are all the class-leaders, exhorters, travelling and local preachers, residing or stationed in the circuit of said quarterly conference. The members of the annual conferences are all the travelling preachers, and such as have travelled, and who by ordination stand in full connexion with the ministry. The general conference consists of delegates who are elected of every annual conference every fourth year, one for every four members of her own body. There is in addition to these another annual conference appointed for the local preachers on every circuit, where several of them reside; but these are destined principally for the investiga. tion of the character and conduct of said preachers, in order to save time at the annual conferences of the travelling ministry.


Arrangement of the Society. The whole society is divided into conference districts, the conference districts into smaller districts, these into circuits, and the circuits into classes.

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from his childhood, and to have been quiring, “ What must we do to be saved ?” deeply concerned for the salvation of his The message of George Fox appears to soul. Amid a high profession of religion, have been, mainly, to direct the people to then generally prevalent, he observed Christ Jesus, the great Shepherd and among the people much vain and trifling Bishop of souls, who died for them, and conversation and conduct, as well as sordid had sent his spirit or light into their hearts, earthly-mindedness, both which he believed to instruct and guide them in the things to be incompatible with the Christian life. pertaining to life and salvation. This brought great trouble upon his mind, To the light of Christ Jesus, in the conclearly perceiving that the profession in science, he endeavored to turn the attenwhich he had been educated did not give tion of all, as that by which sin was mani. to its adherents that victory over sin which fested and reproved, duty unfolded, and the gospel enjoins, and which his soul ability given to run with alacrity and joy panted after. He withdrew from his former in the way of God's commandments. The associates, and passed much of his time in preaching of this doctrine was glad tidings retirement, --reading the holy scriptures, of great joy to many longing souls, who and endeavoring to wait upon the Lord for eagerly embraced it, as that for which the revelation of his Spirit, to enable him they had been seeking; and, as they rightly to understand the truths of the walked in this divine light, they expe. gospel.

rienced a growth in grace and in Christian In this state of reverent dependence knowledge, and gradually came to be esupon the Fountain of saving knowledge, tablished as pillars in the house of God. his mind was enlightened to see into the Many of these, before they joined with spirituality of the gospel dispensation, and George Fox, had been highly esteemed in to detect many errors which had crept the various religious societies of the day, into the professing Christian church. In for their distinguished piety and expethe year 1647, he commenced his labors rience, being punctual in the performance as a minister of the gospel, travelling ex. of all their religious duties, and regular in tensively through England, generally on partaking of what are termed the ordifoot; and, from a conviction that it was nances.” But, notwithstanding they en. contrary to Christ's positive command, he deavored to be faithful to the degree of refused to receive any compensation for knowledge they had received, their minds preaching, defraying his expenses out of were not yet at rest. They did not wil. his own slender means. The unction from ness that redemption from sin, and that on high, which attended his ministry, car. establishment in the truth, which they ried conviction to the hearts of many of read of in the Bible as the privilege and his hearers; and his fervent disinterested duty of Christians; and hence, they were labors were crowned with such success, induced to believe that there was a purer that in a few years a large body of persons and more spiritual way than they had yet had embraced the Christian principles found. They felt that they needed to which he promulgated.

know more of the power of Christ Jesus The civil and religious commotions in their own hearts, making them new which prevailed in England about this pe- creatures, bruising Satan, and putting riod, doubtless prepared the way for the him under their feet, and renewing their more rapid spread or gospel truth. The souls up into the divine image which was setters, in which priestcraft had long held lost in Adam's fall, and sanctifying them the human mind, were beginning to be wholly, in body, soul and spirit, through loosened; the dependence of man upon the inward operations of the Holy Ghost his fellow-man, in matters of religion, was and fire. shaken, and many sincere souls, panting Great were their conflicts and earnest after a nearer acquaintance with God, their prayers, that they might be brought and a dominion over their sinful appetites to this blessed experience; but looking and passions, which they could not obtain without, instead of having their attention by the most scrupulous observance of the turned within, they missed the object of ceremonies of religion, were earnestly in their search. They frequented the preach

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