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reject the principles and doctrines of Chris- willing to fulfil all He has promised, and tianity which teach, first, that a new cove- and that his power will surely accomplish nant has been made between God and what his goodness has foretold ; and that mankind other than the revelation at He will not rest the fulfilment of his Horeb; and, secondly, that there is a me- word, till all the world shall acknowledge diator, an emanation of the Deity, through his power, and ceaseless incense ascend to whose merits only man can be absolved his holy Name from the rising of the sun from sin, and through whose intercession even unto his setting; when the altars of prayers will be accepted. All this is for- falsehood shall crumble and the dominion of eign to our view of scriptural truth, and unbelief be swept from the face of the earth. as such we reject it, and hold fast to the doctrines which we have received from our


The Messiah whom we expect is not to From the smallness of the numbers of be a god, nor a part of the godhead, nor our people, compared with the rest of man. a son of god in any sense of the word; kind, it will be readily understood that, but simply a man eminently endowed, like comparatively speaking, but few Jews will Moses and the prophets in the days of the be found in America. Still despite of this Bible, to work out the will of God on earth in fact, they are found in every portion of all that the prophets have predicted of him. the Union, with the exception almost (for His coming, we believe, will be the signal there are a few even there,) in the northern for universal peace, universal freedom, uni- range of states. Probably the first settleversal knowledge, universal worship of the ment of Jews took place in New AmsterOne Eternal; objects all of high import, dam, when it was under the Dutch govern. and well worthy to be attested by the visible ment, about 1660. They no doubt were display of the divine glory before the eyes Spaniards and Portuguese who, like their of all fesh, just as was the presence of the brethren who were settled in Holland, fled Lord manifested at Sinai, when the Israel. from the bloody Inquisition to seek refuge ites stood assembled to receive the law under the equitable protection of the laws which was surrendered to their keeping. of the Batavian republic. The writer of In the days of this august ruler the law, this has learnt that a correspondence is yet which was at first given as “an inherit in existence which took place between the ance of the congregation of Jacob,” will Israelites and the Dutch authorities in New become the only standard of righteousness, Amsterdam; but he has never seen it, of salvation, for all mankind, when will be wherefore he is unable to say anything fulñled to its fullest extent the blessings with precision farther than he has stated conferred upon Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, above. This much, however, he believes that “ in their seed all the families of the certain, that the number of our people did earth- should be blessed.” We believe, not increase rapidly, since we are not farther, that the time of this great event friendly to making proselytes, and owing is hidden from our knowledge, and is only to the great difficulties emigrants of our known to the Creator, who in his own persuasion must be exposed to in new good time will regenerate the earth, remove communities on account of the duties of the worship of idols, banish all erroneous our religion. Be this as it may, but one beliefs, and establish his kingdom firmly synagogne was needed in New York, and immovably over the hearts of all sons till about 1827, when a second one was of man, when all will invoke Him in truth, established in the central part of the and call him God, King, Redeemer, the city. Since that period four other congreOne who was, is, and will be, for ever and gations have been organized, and all the ever. We believe that the time may be places of worship, though so rapidly muldistant, thousands of years removed; but tiplied, are frequently over-full, so as to we confidently look forward to its coming, require temporary meeting places. The in the full confidence that He who has so number of Jews in the city of New York, miraculously preserved his people among is said to be about 10,000, and rapidly ins many trials and dangers, is able and creasing by emigration from Europe, owing to the oppressive laws enforced against us In North Carolina, where the constituin many countries as stated in a prece. tion excludes us from the rights of citizens, ding part of this article. There are two there are but a few families. congregations in Albany, and one or more But in Soutb Carolina we are much in the country, of which, however, I have more numerous, and Israelites are found too vague information to say any thing in all parts of the state ; still there is but with certainty.

one regular congregation, at Charleston, A few years before the American revo- where there is a handsome synagogue ; lution a congregation assembled in New- the congregation was organized in 1750. port, Rhode Island; but with the falling In Georgia there is a synagogue in Sa. off of the business of that place, after the vannah. The first Jews came oyer soon conclusion of the peace of 1783, the Jew after General Oglethorpe, in 1733 ; but ish population left it by degrees, some they have never been very numerous ; going to New York, some to Richmond, though it appears from present indications and others to different other towns. There that many European emigrants, and perare a synagogue and burying ground, both sons from the north will, it is likely, soon said to be in good order,-a legacy having seek a home in that state. been left by the son of the former minister, In the southern and western states the Touro, to keep them from falling into arrival of Israelites is but recent ; still decay.

there is a congregation at Mobile; another, In Pennsylvania Israelites were settled numbering about 125 families, in New long before the revolution in various Orleans; another at Louisville; two at places. But, I believe, that no regular Cincinnati; one or two in Cleaveland, and congregation was organized till about one at St. Louis. There are probably 1780, when the occupation of New York others, but they have not become geneby the British induced many from that rally known. A small congregation also place to come hither with their minister, has recently been formed at New Haven, Gershom Mendes Seixas; and a syna. in Connecticut, probably the only one in gogue was erected upon the site of the the New England States, unless Boston be present building, and consecrated about an exception. the fall of 1781. There are now three We have no ecclesiastical authorities in congregations in Philadelphia, numbering America, other than the congregations about from 1500 to 1800 souls ; one con- themselves. Each congregation makes its gregation is at Easton, one in Hanover, own rules for its government, and elects and considerable settlements in Franklin its own minister, who is appointed without county, Bucks, and elsewhere, which will any ordination, induction in office being no doubt be organized as congregations made through his election, which is made before long.

for a term of years or during good behaIn Maryland the Jews were, until lately, vior, as it may meet the wish of the ma. excluded from a participation of equal jority. As yet we have no colleges or rights; but soon after the repeal of their public schools of any kind, with the ex. disabilities, many Europeans joined the ception of one in New York, under the former few settlers, and there is now a direction of the Rev. Samuel M. Isaacs, considerable congregation of about 1500 one in Baltimore, and another in Cincinsouls in Baltimore, where there is a syna- nati, and Sunday schools for religious ingogue. There are also a few families in struction in New York, Philadelphia, Rich. Frederick, Hagerstown, &c.

mond, Charleston, Columbia, S. C., Sa. In Virginia the Jews settled about 1780, vannah, and Cincinnati. There can be no or even earlier; but their number is small doubt that something will be done for edu. in that state; and there are but two con- cation, as soon as we have become more gregations in the whole state, and both at numerous. The American Jews have but Richmond. Others dwell at Petersburg, one religious periodical, and this is printed Norfolk, Lynchburg, Wheeling, but they in Philadelphia ; it is called “ The Occi. amount in the whole state to scarcely more dent and American Jewish Advocate," and than 600.

appears monthly.

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In all our congregations where the ne- and we invoke the blessing of Heaven that cessity demands it, there are ample pro. He may prosper our undertakings, and visions made for the support of the poor, give us the means to grow in grace and and we endeavor to prevent, if possible, piety, that we may be able to show the any Israelite from being sent to the poor world the true effects of the law of God house, or to sink into crime for want of upon the life of a sincere Israelite, which the means of subsistence.

must render him acceptable to his neighUpon the whole, we have increased in bors of every creed, and a worthy servant every respect within the last five years; in the mansion of his heavenly Father.





The name of Martin Luther, now fami- | the general: few, comparatively, are well liar to almost every schoolboy, forms one acquainted with the history of his peculiar of the most prominent waymarks in the opinions and those of the past and present history both of the world and the church. generations of his followers. In reviving It has immortalized his age among the our own and our readers' acquaintance generations gone by; and one can hardly with our Lutheran brethren, we introduce hear it pronounced without being at the to the friends of the Redeemer of lost men, same moment transported back to the an ancient, honored, and most efficient scenes and events of that ecclesiastical branch of that church which he ransomed revolution which shook Europe to its very with blood, and which he employs in carcentre, and from the cell of a monastery rying forward the triumphs of his grace opened upon the world that dawning of over sin and the powers of darkness. science and truth which shall shine on, “ The Lutheran Church is indebted for with unwaning brightness, to its perfect day. her name to the derision of the Catholics.

But while all recognise the name of the The distinguished Papal theologian, Dr. Reformer, and its connexion with the past Eckius, the opponent of Luther and Carland present condition of Christendom in stadt, in the celebrated disputation at Leip

sic, in the year 1519, wishing to show his . The following sketch of the Lutheran contempt for Luther and his cause and not Church is compiled almost entirely from seve dreaming whereunto this matter of the ral publications of the Rev. Dr. S. 8. Schmuck; Reformation would grow, first stigmatized er, Professor of Theology in the Theological the friends of the reformer as Lutherans, Seminary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from an excellent article in the American Quarterly with the same feelings with which we Register, by the Rev. Mr. Harris of Boston, speak of the Owenites and Fanny Wright which is derived principally from the same source, and from the Lutheran Almanac of 1843.

* Quarterly Register, of 1843, p. 378.

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