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establishment of a college was adopted, friends and patrons. In 1817, an academy and immediately after the adjournment was established in New Market, under the of the conference, it was published; and patronage of the New England ConferDr. Coke and Bishop Asbury set them- ence, which succeeded and was finally re. selves to work to carry it into effect by moved to Wilbraham, Mass., and it consoliciting subscriptions, and selecting a site tinues in successful operation to this day. for the buildings. They finally succeeded in 1819, the Wesleyan Seminary was in erecting a brick building, 80 feet in commenced in the city of New York, length and 40 in width, in the town of under the patronage of the New York Abington, about 25 miles from the city of Conference, which was finally removed Baltimore, a spot of ground which gave a to White Plains, and still continues to delightful and commanding view of the bless the rising generation with its inChesapeake Bay, and of the country for structions, twenty miles around. The college was At the General Conference in 1820, the opened for the reception of students on subject of education was referred to a the 10th day of December, 1785, and committee, who made a spirited report in continued in successful operation until the favor of the two academies already in 7th of December, 1795, just ten years, operation, and recommended that all the lacking three days, when the whole was annual conferences should adopt measures consumed by fire. A second, which was for the establishment of seminaries within soon after erected in Baltimore, shared the their bounds. The adoption of this report same fate.

by the General Conference, had a most These calamitous circumstances attend. happy effect in diffusing the spirit of educa. ing their first efforts to establish a college, tion throughout its bounds. But still there threw a damper over the minds of its were many obstacles to be removed, and friends, and indeed induced Bishop Asbury much apathy to be overcome, some mani. to think that the Methodists were not festing an open hostility to the cause, called to labor in the cause of education. while others looked on with cold indiffer. The whole subject was therefore laid aside, ence. except some ineffectual efforts to found In 1823, Augusta College, in Kentucky, some district schools, and the establish was commenced, and it has gone forward ment of some charity schools, for more with various degrees of prosperity to this than twenty years. This general apathy day. in the cause of education, together with In 1824, an academy was commenced the fact that Methodist ministers were ad. at Cazenovia, New York State, under the mitted into the Christian ministry without patronage of the Oneida Conference, any specific literary qualifications, induced which has prospered from that day to a belief in the public mind generally, that this. In 1827, another was established the Methodists were enemies, or at least at Readfield, Maine, under the patronage indifferent to the cause of education, and of the Maine Conference, on the manual it must be confessed that there was too labor system, and it has gone on success. much ground for this belief, as many cer- fully to the present time. tainly manifested, if not hostility, yet a About the same time an academy was great lukewarmness upon this subject. established in the bounds of the Mississippi

This, however, was not the case with Conference, which has done much to dir. all. Some of the most pious and enlight- fuse the spirit of education in that region ened of the preachers and people mourned of country. over this state of things, and they at last The report which was adopted by the made an effort to rescue the church from General Conference of 1828, in favor of this reproach. The first was made in education, did much to excite the friends 1817, by some friends in the city of Bal- of the cause to persevering diligence in timore, who commenced a literary institu- this grand enterprise. tion under the name of the “ Asbury Col. In 1831, three colleges were founded, lege;" but this soon went down, much to namely: The Wesleyan University, lo. the disappointment and mortification of its cated in Middletown, Connecticut ; Ran. dolph Macon College, in Boydston, Meck- much usefulness in that region of counlenburgh county, Virginia; and La Grange, try. in North Alabama. These have all been The Cokesberg Manual Labor School, thus far carried forward with success, in the bounds of the South Carolina Conthough sometimes laboring under embar. ference, was begun about the same time. rassment for lack of adequate endow. Two academies were also commenced ments.

in 1839, one male, and the other female, In 1833, two other colleges were estab. in the bounds, and under the patronage lished, namely: Dickinson College, at of the New Jersey Conference; and the Carlisle, Pa., and Allegheny College, in Newbury Seminary, and New Market Meadville, Pa. They have both continued Seminary, under the patronage of the with various degrees of prosperity, but | New Hampshire Conference, were begun still need more funds to put them upon a about the same time. These are all ful. permanent foundation.

filling the hopes of their friends. The Another academy was established about Newbury Seminary has a theological dethe same time at Lima, Livingston county, partment attached to it. N. Y., which is still in a prosperous In 1841, the Transylvania University, state.

in Lexington, Kentucky, was transferred In 1834, Lebanon College was founded to the Methodist Church, and is now in a at Lebanon, Illinois, under the patronage prosperous condition. of the Illinois Conference, and it continues These make no less than thirteen col. to prosper, though somewhat embarrassed legiate institutions, which are under the for want of more ample endowments. patronage of the Methodist Episcopal

The Troy Conference Academy, located Church in the United States. In addition at Poultney, Vermont, was commenced to these a college has been commenced the same year, and it has been carried under favorable auspices in Rutersville, in forward with much success to the present the Republic of Texas, which has received time though it is oppressed with a heavy a large endowment in land from the state, debt, which the conference is exerting and it bids fair to be rendered a great itself nobly to liquidate.

blessing to that infant republic. In 1835, a Classical Manual Labor There are a number of academies beSchool was commenced in Covington, sides those above enumerated, which are Georgia, and another for the education of under Methodist influence, and which are females, both of which are still

in success- so far patronized by the conferences, withful operation. In 1836, The Emery Col. in the bounds of which they are located, lege was founded. These literary insti- that the conferences appoint boards of tutions are all under the patronage of the visiters, and recommend them to the paGeorgia Conference.

tronage of their brethren and friends. In 1837, The Indiana Asbury Univer. It will be seen by the above, that the sity was commenced, and is still in opera- Methodist Episcopal Church has made an tion. This was undertaken by the Indiana effort to redeem herself from the reproach Conference,

which had been cast upon her, not without The Amenia Seminary was established some show of reason, of being indifferent about this time. It is located in the town to the cause of education. And if she of Amenia, Duchess county, New York, shall exert her energies to sustain those and it has very much prospered from that institutions of learning which she has so day to this.

nobly begun, by more ample endowments, Two, namely, Henry and Charles Col. she will do her part towards shedding on leges, were founded in 1839, under the the youth of our land the blessings of sound patronage of the Holston Conference, and knowledge and a liberal education. These, they are still prosecuting their labors with combined with experimental and practical sucress.

piety, will tend to cement our Union more In the same year, St. Charles College firmly together, and to raise us to honor was commenced, under the patronage of and respectability among the nations of the Missouri Conference, which promises, the earth.


BIBLE, SUNDAY SCHOOL, AND TEM- brief view of the history, the doctrines, the government, and the usages of the Methodist Episcopal Church, it will be seen I humbly trust, that she has contributed much towards the conversion of the world, and that, if permitted to go on in her career of usefulness to the souls and bodies of men, her ministers and members shall not be wanting, in that day when God shall "come to make up his jewels," in some share of that glory which shall be given to those "who turn many to righteousness.'



In these benevolent enterprises, this church has taken an active part. has a Sunday School Union of her own, in which she endeavors to do what she may in training up the youth entrusted to her care in the knowledge of the holy scriptures, and in the practice of piety and virtue. In addition to Sunday school books and tracts, and a Sunday school library, in which are found some of the choicest books in the English language in the various departments of knowledge, particularly adapted to youth, she prints The Sunday School Advocate, a semimonthly periodical, well calculated to attract and instruct the youthful mind, and containing lessons suited to teachers and superintendents of sabbath schools.

In the great Bible cause, she unites her energies with the American Bible Society, many of her ministers being agents of this catholic and truly benevolent institution, and they have free access to her pulpits for the purpose of pleading its cause, and taking up collections for its support.

In the temperance reformation, as a church, she stands foremost in the ranks, always having made it a term of churchfellowship to abstain from "intoxicating liquors, unless in cases of necessity." And though this rule was somewhat relaxed in its practical effects, when the temperance reformation commenced, and though she did not immediately see the necessity of uniting with the American Temperance Society in all its plans of operation yet, no sooner did she perceive that many of her members were indulging in moderate drinking, and that therefore there was a danger of their "running into the same excess of riot" with those who were gratifying their appetites with intoxicating drinks, than she lifted up her warning voice against the deadly poison, and united with all those who declared in favor of a total abstinence from all intoxicating liquors as a beverage; and it is believed that the pernicious practice is now nearly banished from the church, and hopes are entertained that soon it will be so entirely.

From the facts contained in the above

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68075 18659
81617 22453
89603 23531
95629 24316
103313 27257
114727 29-63
121687 30308
131154 31884
139836 34724
148835 35732
678 156852 38505
700. 171448 42859
168698 42431 211129
167978 43187 211165
171931 42304 214235
181442 43411 224858
190477 39150 229627
201750 39174 240924
219332 40558 259890 18966

151995 7405
163038 11043
174560 11522
184567 10007
195357 10790



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239087 42059
281146 21256
252645 44377 297022 15876
267618 44922 312540 15518
280427 48096 328523 15983
292658 49537 348195 19672
303550 51334 360884 12689
327932 54065 381997 21113
359533 59394 418927 36930
382679 65064 447743 39816
402561 73592 476153 28410
437024 76090 513114 36961
472364 76229 548593 35470
519196 80540 599736 51143
553134 85650 638784 39048
566957 85571 652528 13744
564974 85271 650245


In- Decrease. crease.

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1822 1106 1823 1226 1824 1272 1825 1314 1826 1406 1827 1576 1823 1642 1829 1817 1830 1900 1831 2010 1832 2200 1633 2400 1834 2625 1835 2758 1836 29:29


This year and the subsequent years the

The number of Christian Indians are included in this

and the subsequent number of colored members.

number of local preachers were returned
in the minutes of the conferences, and they
are accordingly set down in a separate co-
lumn in the years which follow:

Tra. Lo.
Year. Prea-Prea-Whites
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1837 3147 4954 570123 79679
1838 3332 5792 615212 81337
1839 3557 5856 650357 90102
1840 3687 6339 698777 96668
1841 3865 6893 748442 104476
1842 4044 7144 803988 109913
1843 42867730 936736 131789 1,068525 154624

696549 46747
740459 53910
795445 54986
852918 57473
913901 60983



Add to these the travelling preachers (4266), which are not included in the above enumeration, and the grand total is 1,072811.

The above facts are taken from Wesley's Work's, 7 vols. 8vo.; More's Life of Wesley, 1 vol. 8vo.; History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 4 vols. 12mo.; Asbury's Journal, 3 vol. 8vo. ; Minutes of Conferences, 2 vols. 8vo.; Methodist Discipline, 1 vol. 24mo.; and Original Church of Christ, 1 vol. 12mo.






The Methodist Protestant Church com- , gospel doctrines. 2. Ordinances, that is, prises all the associated Methodist churches to set up whatever worship, sacraments, in these United States, and numbers, at and services, they may deem conformable the present time, November, 1843, sixty to the gospel ; and 3. Moral discipline, thousand communicants, thirteen hundred that is, to admit and expel, censure and ministers and preachers, twenty-two ansuspend, whomsoever they please in the nual conference districts, and possesses church of God, and for whatever causes upwards of a half million of church pro- to them shall seem meet. These unwar. perty, acquired since her organization. rantable claims were preceded and fol.

Her first General Convention, at which lowed by the expulsion of nearly eighty the church was regularly organized, was ministers and members of the Methodist held in 1830, in the city of Baltimore, Episcopal Church in different parts of the State of Maryland. There were in atten. United States, who advocated a change in dance at the convention eighty-three min. the church government, and opposed the isterial, and — lay representatives, from Popish claims of the itinerant ministers the following states : New York, Pennsyl- and bishops of the Methodist Episcopal vania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Church. Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, New Jersey, and The above cited claims and expulsions the District of Columbia. These repre- produced numerous secessions in different sented about five thousand members of the parts of the United States, and the organi. respective associated Methodist churches, zation of several annual conferences, of a large majority of whom had withdrawn associated churches. These, respectively, from the Methodist Episcopal Church, on elected their representatives, who assemaccount of her government and hostility bled as above stated in the city of Baltito a lay representation ; she not only hav- more, and framed a constitution and disci. ing withheld representation from the peo- pline for the government of the entire asple, but actually denied that they have sociation. The basis on which the govern. any right to representation. Moreover ment is founded, embraces two very imshe had claimed for her itinerant ministry, portant particulars : First—"The Lord exclusively, as of divine right, and with Jesus Christ is the only Head of the out any authoritative control from the Church, and the word of God is the suffi. church, not merely the administration, but cient rule of faith and practice, in all things the sole right of expounding and main. pertaining to godliness." Secondly—A taining, 1. Gospel doctrines, that is, a written constitution establishing the form right to preach, and teach whatever they of government, and securing to the min. may please to admit into their creed as I isters and members of the church, their

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