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of Christ, they confess and believe, that it | sufficient evidence of the case, cannot reis not of this world; and that he dissuaded main in the congregation of the righteous; all his ministers and followers from all but shall and must be separated, excomworldly power, forbidding the same, and municated and reproved in the presence instituted a diversity of offices in his of all, and considered as an offending church, whereby the saints may be joined member and open sinner; in order that together, so as to bụild up the body of he may be an example and terror to Christ ; and that they must not be equipped others, and that the church may remain with carnal weapons ; but, on the contrary, pure and undefiled. And concerning with the armor of God, and the sword of brotherly reproofs and admonition, they the Spirit, which is the word of God, in consider it necessary to instruct them with order that they may be enabled to fight all meekness to their own amendment, and against, and overcome flesh and blood-reprove the obstinate, according as the the allurements of the world and sin-and case may require. thus, finally to overcome and receive, 18. Respecting the avoiding of the sepathrough grace, the crown of everlasting rated, they believe and confess, that if any life, from this our Eternal King, as their one, by a wicked life, or perverted docrecompense and reward.

trine, has separated himself from God, and 15. As regards revenge, they believe consequently from the church, he must be and confess, that Christ did forbid his dis- shamed, according to the doctrine of Christ ciples all revenge and defence, and com- and his Apostles, and avoided without parmanded them not to render evil for evil; tiality, by all members of the church unto hence they consider it evident, according whom it is known, whether in eating, to his example and doctrine, that they drinking, or other similar matters; and should not provoke, or do violence to any that they should have no dealings with man, or enter into any legal process, but him; for the purpose of making the sin. seek to promote the welfare and happiness ner ashamed, be convicted, and called to of all men ; and that they should pray for repentance. their enemies, feed and refresh them when It is also their belief, that there should hungry or thirsty, and thus convince them be used in the avoiding, as well as in the by kindness, and overcome all ignorance separation, such moderation and Christian by doing unto others, as they would that charity, as may have a tendency to insure others should do unto them.

his reformation; hence they do not con. 16. Respecting oaths, they believe and sider them as enemies, but admonish them confess, that Christ did forbid his disciples as brethren, in order to bring them to the use of them, and commanded that they knowledge, and be reconciled to God and should not swear at all. Hence they in his church. fer, that all oaths, greater or minor, are 19. Relative to the resurrection of the prohibited ; and that they must, instead of dead, they believe and confess, agreeably this, confirm all their declarations, asser- to scripture, that all men that have died, tions, and testimonies with the word yea shall be awakened, quickened, and raised in that which is yea, and nay in that on the last day, by the incomprehensible which is nay. Hence they should always power of God; and that these, together perform, follow, keep and live up to their with those that are then alive, who shall words, as though they had confirmed them be changed in the twinkling of an eye at with an oath.

the sound of the last trumpet, shall be 17. They also believe and confess a placed before the judgment seat of Christ; ban, separation, and Christian correction and that the good will be separated from in the church, whereby the pure may be the wicked: that then every one shall redistinguished from the defiled. Namely, ceive in his own body, according to his if any one, who has embraced religion, works, whether they be good or evil; and and attained the knowledge of truth, sins that the good or pious shall be taken up either voluntarily or presumptuously with Christ, as the blessed, enter into ever. against God or unto death : they believe lasting life, and obtain that joy, which no that such a person, when the church has eye hath seen, nor ear heard, nor mind

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conceived, to reign with Christ from ever. | bers; because they do not wish to make lasting to everlasting.

a great display respecting their numbers, And that, on the contrary, the wicked but they believe all that is necessary, is to shall be driven away as accursed, and have their names. recorded in the book of thrust down to outer darkness, and into life; and because they read (2 Sam. xxiv. the everlasting pains of hell, where the and i Chron. xxi.) that the anger of the worm dieth not, and the fire is not Lord was kindled against David for num. quenched; and that they shall have not any bering his people, so that he sent a pesti. prospect of hope, comfort, or redemption. lence which destroyed seventy thousand.

These, as briefly stated above, are the The number of churches, however, that chief articles of their general Christian have been organized in different parts of faith, which they teach and practise uni- the country, are as follows: versally in their churches and among their Lancaster county-where the reforma. members, which in their conviction are the tion first commenced-Montgomery coun. only true Christian faith, which the Apos- ty, Dauphin county, Cumberland county, tles taught, nay testified with their death, Franklin county, Pennsylvania ; Richland and some also sealed with their blood; and Wayne counties, Ohio; Wayne county, wherein they willingly abide, live, and die, Indiana; Erie county, and Livingston that they may with them attain to salva- county, New York; and in the province tion by the grace of the Lord.

of Canada; besides which, there are num.

bers scattered through the adjoining coun. Respecting the statistical part of this ties, that have never been regularly or. sketch, it becomes necessary to say, that ganized. they never deemed themselves at liberty The churches above stated are all proto keep an accurate account of their mem- | vided with ministers, deacons, pastors, &c.

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This body of Christians accepts the rational and authoritative exposition of doctrines and theological writings of the scripture. The general ignorance relate Hon. Emanuel Swedenborg* as a

ment of cavalry, finally bishop of Skara, West * Emanuel was the son of Jesper Swedberg, Gothland, and many years superintendent of born near Fahlun, Sweden, 1653. Jesper was the Swedish mission established in England several years chaplain to the army of a regi- and America. He died in 1735.

specting this author; the true nature and divided; but claims, as the name imports, object of his works; and the character of to possess an entirely new dispensation of his followers may justify a suller exposi- doctrinal truth, as compared with any of tion of these and some other collateral the systems which at present prevail. points, than would otherwise comport with "A new church !' will the reader exthe plan of this History, or than would be claim in wonder or indignation :—and to necessary in the case of churches of longer supersede the one established by Christ in standing, and hence better known to the person!! Have we not the lawful succommunity. But before proceeding to a cessor of Peter, Prince of the Apostles, the sketch of its faith, it is proper to announce, Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth-empow. that this church refuses to be regarded as ered to declare true doctrine and deterone of the many different sects into which mine controversies in Religion ? says the the general body of Christians is unhappily Romanist. Nay,' says the Episcopalian,

the Apostles were equal in authority Emanuel Swedberg was born in Stockholm, among themselves. Our Bishops are January 29, 1688. He enjoyed early the ad- their legitimate successors—the chain of vantages of a liberal education, and being na descent having never been broken—and the acquirement oflearning, his progress in the they have preserved the christian doctrine sciences was rapid and extensive.

"" His entire, or restored it when corrupt.' And youth was marked by an uncommon assiduity we,' say Protestants of another type, and application in the study of philosophy, thanks to the glorious Reformation, are mathematics, natural history, chemistry, and free from the tyranny alike of Pope and anatomy, together with the Eastern and European languages. He had an excellent me

prelate : we have the Word of God in our mory, quick conceptions, and a most clear own language, and each one is at liberty judgment."

to draw his doctrine from the source.' In 1716, he was appointed by Charles XII., Your churches were but half reformed,' Assessor Extraordinary of the Metallic Col. lege. In 1719 he was ennobled by Queen Olsay others still, · In the exercise of that ricu Eleonora, when he assumed the name of very freedom which you have failed to Swedenborg, and took his seat with the Nobles use, we have attained the true light.' of the Equestrian order, in the Triennial As-Thus various are the voices in remon. sembly of the States. He was made a fellow strance, however they may unite at the by invitation of the Royal Academy of Sciences close in the enquiry: Where then can at Stockholm, and had a like honor conferred be the necessity of a new dispensation ?-on him by foreign societies.

He is distinguished in the literary, scientific, or show of reason for a pretension which and theological world, by his numerous public by implication condemns-not one, but all cations in the Latin language, which give other churches extant ?' And we meet proof of great genius and profound erudition, the question at the threshhold. The rea. He closed his eventful life in London, March 29th, 1772, in the 85th year of his age. He sons are many. We can here cite but a lived in much esteem with the bishops and few—and even these cannot be given nobles of his own country; and his acquaint- without reference to opinions of other ance was sought after by the most distin- Christians, from which we dissent. We guished characters in various parts of Europe, would, therefore, premise that we desire with many of whom he continued to corres such reference and such dissent may not pond till his death.

The Rev. Thomas Hartley, a clergyman of be interpreted into'any want of respect to the Church of England, Rector of Winwick, their holders as such; since erroneous England, who was intimately acquainted with opinions may be innocently adopted or Swedenborg, in a letter to a friend, bears this retained, where there has been no full col. testimony of him: “It may reasonably be supposed, that I have weighed the character lation of conflicting systems. of Swedenborg in the scale of my best judg.

There was a time when the followers ment, from the personal knowledge I had of of our Lord were of one heart and one him, from the best information I could pro- mind; but now we see them hopelessly cure concerning him, and from a diligent sundered into Romanists on the one hand, perusal of his writings; and according thereto, I have found him to be the sound divine, the and Greeks and Protestants on the other; good man, the deep philosopher, the universal and the latter rent into many-colored and scholar, and the polite gentleman.”Editor. uncompromising factions. And if there

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