View of the state of Europe during the Middle ages. 2 vols. [with] Supplemental notes, 1. cilt

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Sayfa v - Many considerable portions of time, especially before the twelfth century, may justly be deemed so barren of events worthy of remembrance, that a single sentence or paragraph is often sufficient to give the character of entire generations, and of long dynasties of obscure kings.
Sayfa 11 - ... of every country ; founding schools, and collecting libraries ; interfering, but with the tone of a king, in religious controversies ; aiming, though prematurely, at the formation of a naval force ; attempting, for the sake of commerce, the magnificent enterprise of uniting the Rhine and Danube t ; and meditating to mould the discordant codes of Roman and barbarian laws into an uniform system.
Sayfa 325 - ... system of government that made vice the ally of tyranny, and sought impunity for its own assassinations by encouraging dissoluteness of private life. Perhaps too the wisdom so often imputed to the senate in its foreign policy has been greatly exaggerated. The balance of power established in Europe, and above all in Italy, maintained for the two last centuries states of small intrinsic resources, without any efforts of their own. In the ultimate crisis, at least, of Venetian liberty, that solemn...
Sayfa 207 - No political institution can endure, which does not rivet itself to the hearts of men by ancient prejudice or acknowledged interest. The feudal compact had originally much of this character. Its principle of vitality was warm and active. In fulfilling the obligations of mutual assistance and fidelity by military service, the energies of friendship were awakened, and the tics of moral sympathy superadded to those of positive compact.
Sayfa 478 - O prophet, I am the man : whosoever rises against thee, I will dash out his teeth, tear out his eyes, break his legs, rip up his belly. O prophet, I will be thy vizir over them.
Sayfa 163 - The kingdom was as a great fief, or rather as a bundle of fiefs, and the king little more than one of a number of feudal nobles, differing rather in dignity than in power from some of the rest.
Sayfa 217 - It was a very powerful feeling, which could make the bravest men put up with slights and ill-treatment at the hands of their sovereign ; or call forth all the energies of disinterested exertion for one whom they never saw, and in whose character there was nothing to esteem. In ages when the rights of the community were unfelt, this sentiment was one great preservative of society ; and, though collateral or even subservient to more enlarged principles, it is still indispensable to the tranquillity...

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