The Chinese: A General Description of the Empire of China and Its Inhabitants, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
Charles Knight, 1836 - 459 sayfa

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Sayfa 234 - Eastern despotisms ; but a clear, concise, and distinct series of enactments, savouring throughout of practical judgment and European good sense, and, if not always conformable to our improved notions of expediency in this country, in general approaching to them more nearly than the codes of most other nations.
Sayfa 267 - It is fashionable in both men and women to allow the nails of the left hand to grow to an inordinate length, until they assume an appearance very like the claws of the bradypus, as represented in Sir Charles Bell's work on the "Hand.
Sayfa 74 - All discussions upon these points, and indeed every matter of business, were studiously avoided by the Chinese ministers and mandarins, during the residence of the embassy at Peking ; but, in his letter to the King of England, the emperor did not omit to state distinctly, that the British commerce must be strictly limited to the port of Canton. "You will not be able to complain," adds he, " that I had not clearly forewarned you. Let us therefore live in peace and friendship, and do not make light...
Sayfa 234 - The most remarkable thing in this code is its great reasonableness, clearness, and consistency ; the business-like brevity and directness of the various provisions, and the plainness and moderation of the language in which they are expressed.
Sayfa 248 - When we turn from the ravings of the Zendavesta, or the Puranas, to the tone of sense and of business of this Chinese collection, we seem to be passing from darkness to light — from the drivellings of dotage to the exercise of an improved understanding ; and, redundant and minute as these laws are in many particulars, we scarcely know any European code that is at once so copious and so consistent, or that is nearly so free from intricacy, bigotry and fiction.
Sayfa 259 - ... speaker. The peaceful and prudential character of the people may be traced to the influence and authority of age. In consequence of the individuals of succeeding generations living entirely under the power and control of the oldest surviving heads of families, the ignorant and inexperienced are guided by the more mature judgment of the elders, and the sallies of rashness and folly easily restrained. The effects of example and of early habit are equally visible in their conversation. The Chinese...
Sayfa 296 - After the interment, the tablet of the deceased, is brought back in procession, and if the family be rich it is placed in the hall of ancestors; if poor, in some part of the house, with incense before it.
Sayfa 279 - ... as he pleases ; and though the offspring of the latter possess many of the rights of legitimacy (ranking however after the children of the wife), this circumstance makes little difference as to the truth of the position. Even in the present romance, the profligate rival...
Sayfa 346 - From the insertion of this ornamental ball descends all around, over the cap, a fringe or rather bunch of crimson silk or of red horse-hair ; in front of the cap is. sometimes worn a single large pearl. The winter cap, instead of being a cone, fits closer to the shape of the head, and has a brim, turned sharply up all round, of black velvet, or fur, and rising a little higher in front and behind than at the sides. The dome-shaped top is surmounted by the same ball as in the other case, denoting the...
Sayfa 235 - Whoever is guilty of improper conduct, and of such as is contrary to the spirit of the laws, though not a breach of any specific part of it, shall be punished at least forty blows; and when the impropriety is of a serious nature, with eighty blows.

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