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Messrs. Johnson, Humphreys, Merriman, Ricketts, Talbot, and Burton.

The paper on “Graduating Theses," was read by Professor Lanza and discussed by Johnson, Aldrich, Rickets, Lanza, Wood, and Lanza.

Moved and carried to omit the other two topics on the program.

Voted that the publication of the papers presented before this division of the Congress be left in the hands of the divisional committee of the Congress Auxiliary with power to turn them over for publication to an organization of engineering educators if such is effected.

A vote of thanks was extended to the chairman, secretary, the Congress Auxiliary committee, and to the committee of the Associated Engineering Societies for the stenographic report of the proceedings.

Pending this motion, Professor Spangler said that he would like to say that when he came from Pennsylvania to Chicago he had no knowledge that there would be such a Congress, and he personally felt under obligation to the parties who brought about this meeting. He thought that the vote of thanks which had been adopted was very small compensation to these gentlemen who had given such a large amount of time and energy in bringing about these results.

Professor Hele-Shaw said, on behalf of the foreign members, that, although they knew from former experience that they should be well received here, they had no idea that they should obtain so much benefit, that these meetings would be so full of instruction and so extremely interesting. All of them who had come from across the water to this Congress felt that, putting the wonderful show, which is so interesting, out of the question, they should have deemed it worth while to come to this Congress for the sake of meeting so many engineers and professors of engineering, and for the sake of these meetings, and therefore he proposed to second the resolution on behalf of those who came to attend the Congress.

The chairman replied that he scarcely knew how to express his appreciation of the remarks and of the vote that had just been taken. He assured the meeting that he had sought to do what he could to further the purposes of the educational section of the Congress, as in so doing he was but furthering the purposes for which he had given his life, and he was very glad if any one had been helped by this fine opportunity for association, and for listening to the papers of others. Above all, he took pleasure in knowing that this meeting had been the occasion of the organization of an Association of Engineering Teachers.

It was a source of great disappointment to the committee, and more particularly to the chairman, that they were not able to give such notice as was intended and was provided for. It was no fault of any member of the committee that further advertisement of this section of the Engineering Congress was not made. It was a serious fault which need not now be considered, but it bad seemed to him that the professors of engineering here gathered together should be congratulated on the fact that without notice they had gathered here from

day to day in very considerable numbers when there
were other very interesting meetings progressing all
about them, and a World's Fair as one of the great
attractions, and still there had been a very large attend-
ance, upon which the professors at large should be con-
gratulated. The profit and the interest in this meeting
was very largely due to the gentlemen who had prepared
papers, and he thought these gentlemen should receive
the thanks of all there assembled. It was a very cordial
response that the committee met in the solicitation of
papers. They had a few declinations because engineer-
ing professors are very busy, and some were not able to
do what they seemed to be entirely willing to do, and
those who had prepared papers had done so out of their
vacation time, and that fact should be recognized. The
papers will speak for themselves when they are put
into type, and for the little part that he had been
privileged to do, he had been more than abundantly
repaid by the very many acquaintances that he had
made here, with friends both on this side and upon
the other side of the water.
The section adjourned sine die.







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