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HALL 33-10 A. M.

"Field Equipment and Field Practice," CHARLES D. JAMESON,

Professor of Civil Engineering, State University of Iowa, Iowa City.

“Methods of Training Engineering Students in Technical Literary Work," MANSFIELD MERRIMAN, Professor of Civil Engineering, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

“Methods of Studying Current Technical Literature,”' J. B. JOHNSON, Professor of Civil Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

"Drawing for Engineering Students,” CHARLES S. DENISON, Professor of Drawing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


HALL 33–10 A. M.

+ General discussion: Number of hours per day, days per week and weeks per year required in college work.

“Vacation Work,” ALFRED E. BURTON, Professor of Topographical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.

“Graduation Theses," GAETANO LANZA, Professor of Applied Mechanics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.

+ General discussion: Degrees conferred.

Omitted for lack of time


MONDAY, JULY 31, 1893.

10 A. M.

Formal opening of the Congress, General Session of all divisions.

11:30 A. M.

Opening Session of Division E, in Room 33, Art Palace, Professor Ira 0. Baker, chairman of the Division Committee, in the chair. In the absence of the secretary (Professor Hoag), Professor C. Frank Allen was elected secretary, pro tem. Adjourned to

to meet with Mining Engineering Division to listen to the reading of a paper on Mining Engineering Schools, by Professer S. B. Christy.

12:20 P. M.

Division E returned to Room 33 and took up the discussion of Professor Christy's paper.

The authors of the papers on Electrical Engineering and Architecture were not present. The chairman announced that the committee in charge of this division would present, before the opening of the next session, diagrams and tables upon the walls of the assembly

room giving data concerning the present state of civil and mechanical education in the United States.

Professor Burr's paper not being ready, it was voted that the printed program be followed and that omitted papers be read after having finished the regular order.

Adjourned at 1:30.


10 A. M.

Paper on “Maximum and Minimum Mathematics Necessary for an Engineer," by Professor A. N. Talbot, read. Voted that the discussion of this and the next three papers be postponed until all have been read.

Professor P. C. Ricketts read a paper on "Present Favorable and Unfavorable Tendencies in Engineering,' and was followed by Professor Swain on “Comparison between American and European Methods of Engineering Education."

Professor J. A. L. Waddell, not having a written paper asked to have Professor Burr's paper on "The Ideal Engineering Education” occupy the time allotted to himself, which was done.

The four papers were then discussed by Professors Goodman, Bull, Eddy, Robinson, Johnson, Christy, Allen, Wood, Waddell.

Professor S. W. Robinson, president of the Association of Teachers of Mechanical Engineering explained the object and organization of that society, and invited those interested in engineering education to meet his society at 9 A. M. Wednesday morning to consider methods of organization of the engineering teachers.


10:15 A. M.

Invitation to visit Jackson Park on the Whaleback steamer was presented and accepted.

Dr. R. H. Thurston read his paper on “Shop and Laboratory Equipment,” which was discussed by Professors Johnson, Eddy, Jacobus, Spangler, Carpenter, Ripper, and Robinson.

"Teaching of Graphical Methods in Engineering Schools and Colleges,” by Professor H. S. Hele-Shaw, Liverpool, England, was read by the author, and discussed by Merriman, Johnson, Eddy, Jocobus, Carpenter, Goodman, Landreth, Spangler, Kneeland, Robinson, Hibbard, Ritter, Humphreys, R. S. Woodward, and Hele-Shaw.

Professor R. C. Carpenter read a paper on “Original Research by Students,” and a paper on the same subject prepared by Professor Marx, was read by Professor Hoskins. Both papers were discussed by Professors Jacobus, Spangler, and Carpenter.

An invitation to visit Armour Institute was presented. An invitation by Chief Skiff of the department of Mines, World's Columbian Exposition, to a reception and collation at the Mine's Building, Friday, 8 to 10 p. m., accepted.


10:15 A. M.

Professor Dwight Porter presented his paper on “The Laboratory of Hydraulics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” which was discussed by Professors Merriman, Goodman, Robinson, Talbot and Porter.

The paper by Professor C. D. Jameson on “Field Equipment and Field Practice," was read by Professor J. B. Johnson and discussed by Professors Munroe, Merriman, Talbot, and Burton.

A paper by Professor Mansfield Merriman on “Methods of Training Engineering Students in Technical Literary Work,” was read, and by vote the discussion of it was postponed until after the reading of the next paper. Professor Johnson spoke upon “Methods of Studying Current Technical Literature.The two preceding papers were discussed by Professors Landreth, Johnson, Eddy, Wood, Swain, Lanza, and Talbot.

Professor C. S. Dennison read his paper on “Drawing for Engineering Students," which was discussed by Messrs. Baldwin, Spangler, Dunlap, Lanza, and Spangler.



Moved and carried that all the regular papers be read before beginning the “General Discussions.

Professor A. E. Burton then read his paper entitled “Vacation Work,” which was discussed by

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