An Epitome of Mr. Forsyth's Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit-trees: Also, Notes on American Gardening and Fruits ... and Further, of Economical Principles in Building Farmers' Habitations

Ön Kapak
Wm. Poyntell, 1804 - 186 sayfa

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Sayfa 101 - ... mixed with a sixth part of the same quantity of the ashes of burnt bones ; put it into a tin box, with holes in the top, and shake the powder on the surface of the plaster, till the whole is covered over with it, letting it remain for half an hour, to absorb the moisture ; then apply more powder, rubbing it on gently with the hand, and repeating the application of the powder till the whole plaster becomes a dry smooth surface.
Sayfa 157 - Busy, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I ; Freely welcome to my cup, Couldst thou sip and sip it up. Make the most of life you may ; Life is short, and wears away.
Sayfa 102 - When lime rubbish of old buildings cannot be easily got, take pounded chalk or common lime, after having been slaked a month at least.
Sayfa 102 - As the growth of the tree will gradually effect the plaster, by raising up its edges next the bark, care should be taken, where that happens, to rub it over with the finger when occasion may require (which is best done when moistened by rain), that the plaster may be kept whole, to prevent the air and wet, from penetrating into the wound.
Sayfa 101 - ... and a sixteenth part of a bushel of pit or river sand : The three last articles are to be sifted fine before they are mixed ; then work them well together with a spade, and afterwards with a wooden beater, until the stuff is very smooth, like fine plaster used for the ceilings of rooms.
Sayfa 104 - ... being blown down by the wind. It will, therefore, be necessary to leave part of the dead wood, at first, to strengthen the tree, and to cut it out by degrees as the new wood is formed. If there be any canker, or gum oozing, the infected parts must be pared off, or cut out with a proper instrument.
Sayfa 103 - ... to extend itself, and thereby fill up the cavity, which it will do in time, so as to make as it were a new tree. If the cavity be large, you may cut away as much at one operation as will be sufficient for three years.
Sayfa 103 - As the best way of using the Composition is found, by experience, to be in a liquid state ; it must, therefore, be reduced to the consistence of a pretty thick paint, by mixing it up with a sufficient quantity of urine and soap-suds, and laid on with a painter's brush. The powder of woodashes and burnt bones is to be applied as before directed, patting it down with the hand.
Sayfa 118 - Proceed thus all over the tree with care and attention, and you will soon perceive the advantages of this method of pruning above the common mode, for by it you will be able to keep your trees in a constant state of bearing, which, if left to nature, •would only produce a crop of fruit once in two or three years.
Sayfa 101 - ... the composition being thus made, care must be taken to prepare the tree properly for its application, by cutting away all the dead, decayed, and injured...

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