Intarsia and Marquetry

Ön Kapak

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Sayfa 31 - Ecce [ego] mit[t]o angelum meum ante laciem tuam qui preparabit viam tuam ante te. Vox clamantis in deserto, Parate viam Domini, rectos facite semitas [ejus]".
Sayfa 2 - ... sheared off all the light wood of the long-leaved olive, and roughhewed the trunk upwards from the root, and smoothed it around with the adze, well and skilfully, and made straight the line thereto and so fashioned it into the bed-post, and I bored it all with the auger. Beginning from this...
Sayfa 50 - ... representing bookcases, or rather cupboards, with their contents, amongst which are a ship, a tambourine, military weapons, a cage with a parrot in it, and, as if for the sake of variety only, a few volumes of books, over one of which, containing music, with the word ROSABELLA inscribed on its pages, is suspended a crucifix. On the central case opposite to the window, and occupying as it were the post of honour, is the Garter, with its motto, HONI SOIT Q MAL I PENSE ; a device which has been...
Sayfa 17 - ... to singe the wood by the fire ; while others used oil of sulphur and a solution of corrosive sublimate and arsenic. St. Audemar (No. 165) mentions that saffron was used to stain box-wood yellow ; but he does not say to what use the wood was put when stained. The subjects most proper for Tarsia work are perspective representations of buildings full of windows and angular lines, to which force and relief are given by means of lights and shades. Vasari speaks rather slightingly of this art, and...
Sayfa 83 - Judicature in the Second Half of the 16th and the First Half of the 17th Century, in: APH 66, 1992, S.
Sayfa 6 - The best woods for cutting into layers, and employing as a veneer for covering others, are the citrus, the terebinth, the different varieties of maple, ... the root of the elder and the poplar.
Sayfa 5 - ... Cicero gave no less than one million sesterces for a veneered table of citrus wood." Pliny goes on to say: "The wood, too, of the beech is easily worked, although it is brittle and soft. Cut into thin layers of veneer, it is very flexible, but it is only used for the construction of boxes and desks. The wood, too, of the holm oak is cut into veneers of remarkable thinness, the colour of which is far from unsightly.
Sayfa 49 - Minerva with her aegis, Apollo with his lyre, and the nine muses with their appropriate symbols. A similar small study was fitted up immediately over this one, set round with arm-chairs encircling a table, all mosaicked with tarsia, and carved by Maestro Giacomo of Florence, while on each compartment of the panelling was the portrait of some famous author, and an appropriate distich.
Sayfa 17 - Vasari speaks rather slightingly of this art, and says that it was practised chiefly by those persons who possessed more patience than skill in design ; that although he had seen some good representations of figures, fruits, and animals, yet the work soon became dark, and was always in danger of perishing from the worms and by fire.
Sayfa 28 - Dei qui tollit peccata mundi : ecce de quo dicebam vobis; qui post me venit ante me factus est, cujus non sum dignus corrigiam calceamenti solvere.

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