Advances in Motivation in Sport & Exercise

Ön Kapak
Human Kinetics, 2001 - 446 sayfa
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Much like its predecessor, Motivation in Sport and Exercise, Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercisebrings together several top scholars in sport and exercise psychology to present the latest information on motivational behavior in exercise, physical education, and sport. Each contributor sheds new light on the process of motivation and the variables and constructs that help us to understand why we are motivated or are not motivated.

This extensive resource thoroughly examines key motivational concepts such as

-perceived competence,

-achievement goals,

-self-determination, and

-perception of control.
Although the contributors employ different frameworks to examine the subject, each uses a social cognitive perspective on motivation, which makes for a more cohesive book rather than just a collection of articles.

The research provides valuable insight on enhancing motivation in physical activities. More important, it should inspire the reader to apply this insight in the gym, in the pool, and on the playing field, where it can truly make a difference in performance.

Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exerciseis an excellent reference for professionals in both clinical and applied psychology, particularly those who work with athletes, coaches, teachers, and parents.

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Glyn C. Roberts, PhD,is a professor of psychology at the Norwegian University of Sport Science. He earned his bachelor's degree at Loughborough University in England, his master's degree from the University of Massachusetts, and his PhD from the University of Illinois.

Dr. Roberts is a former president of the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, a former president of the Division of Sport Psychology and current member of the executive committee of the International Association of Applied Psychology, a former secretary-general of the International Society of Sport Psychology, a member of the board of the Norwegian Sport Psychology Association, and the current president of the European Federation of Sport Psychology. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education and the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology.

Dr. Roberts has published extensively on motivation in sport, especially as it affects children. He resides in Oslo, Norway, and enjoys cross-country skiing, cycling, and playing golf.

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