Interpreting Avicenna: Science And Philosophy In Medieval Islam-Proceedings Of The Second Conference Of The Avicenna Study Group

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BRILL, 2004 - 262 sayfa
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This volume provides twelve essays on various aspects of Avicenna's philosophical and scientific contributions, approaching these topics from philological, historical and philosohical methodologies. The work is conceptually divided into four sections: (1) methodology, (2) natural philosophy and the exact sciences, (3) theology and metaphysics and (4) Avicenna's heritage. The First section provides considerations for distinguishing genuine from pseudo Avicennan works. The second section deals with topics encountered in Avicenna's physics, psychology, mathematics and medical theories. The third section treats issues ranging from the theological sources for Avicenna's proof for the existence of God and God's knowledge of particulars to the place of puzzles in Avicenna's Metaphysics as well as the relation of form and matter in Avicenna's thought. The final section considers Avicenna's historical influence on later thinkers such as al-Ghazali as well as his subsequent influence in Persia.

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Methodological Considerations David C Reisman University of Illinois Chicago
Chapter Two Ibn Sīnā on Chance in the Physics of aššifā Catarina Belo University of Oxford
A Vexed Question in the History of Ideas Jon McGinnis University of Missouri St Louis
Systematic Synthesis and Development of the Aristotelian Neoplatonic and Galenic Theories Robert E Hall Queens University Belfast
Chapter Five NonDiscursive Thought in Avicennas Commentary on the Theology of Aristotle Peter Adamson Kings College London
Chapter Six The Conception of the Angle in the Works of Ibn Sīnā and ašširāzī Irina Luther Russian Academy of Sciences
Was He Really Influenced by the Mutakallimūn? Ömer Mahir Alper Istanbul University
Chapter Eight Reconsidering Avicennas Position on Gods Knowledge of Particulars Rahim Acar Marmara University
Chapter Eleven The Three Properties of Prophethood in Certain Works of Avicenna and alġazālī M Afifi alAkiti University of Oxford
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Yazar hakkında (2004)

Jon McGinnis, Ph.D. (2000) in Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania, is Assistant Professor of classical and medieval philosophy at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. He has published on ancient and Arabic medieval temporal theories specifically and more generally on Avicennan physics and philosophy of science.

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