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Who were set out for the celestial Zion,
The effulgent lamp of evangelical truth

To guide their steps to immortal glory.
While he was thus diffusing his divine light,

1643 1644


1655 1657

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Quarto. 1. A Display of Arminianism, 2. The duty of Pastors and People distinguished S. Salus Electorum, Sanguis Jesu: or, The Death of Death in

the Death of Christ 4. Of the Death of Christ 5. Vindiciae Evangelicae; or, The Mystery of the Gospel vin

dicated, in answer to J. BIDDLE 6. Of Communion with God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 7. Theologoumena: Sive de Natura, Ortu, Progressu, et Studio

Veræ Theologiae 8. An Exposition of the cxxxth Psalm 9. The Doctrine of Justification by Faith, &c. 10. The Glorious Mystery of the Person of Christ 11. The Grace and Duty of being Spiritually Minded 12. An Inquiry into the Original, &c of Evan. Churches 13 The True Nature of a Gospel Church 14. A Review of the Annotations of Grotius 16. A Discourse concerning Liturgies 16. Indulgence and Toleration considered in a Letter 17. A Peace Offering, or Plea for Indulgence 18. The Church of Rome no Safe Guide 19. Some Consideration about Union among Protestants 20, Vindication of the Nonconformists 21. An Account of the Nature of the Protestant Religion

Octavo. 1. Two Catechisms 2. Esheol: or, Rules for Church Fellowship 3. Diatriba de Justitia divina 4. Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers 5. A Discovery of the True Nature of Schism 6. A Review of the True Nature of Schism, &c. 7. Of the Nature and.Power of Temptation 8. A Defence of Cotton against Cawdry 9. Exercitationes quatuor pro sacris Scripturis 10. The Divine Original and Authority of the Scriptures 11. A Primer for Children 12. Animadversions on Fiat Lux 13. Vindication of those Animadversions 14. A Brief Instruction in the Worship of God 15. The Nature of Indwelling Sin 16. Truth and Innocence Vindicated 17. A Brief Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity 18, Dissertations on the Sabbath and Lord's Day 19. Of Evangelical Love, Church-Peace, and Unity 20 A Vindication of his Book of Communion with God from the

Exceptions of Dr. Sherlock 21. The Nature of Apostasy from the Profession of the Gospel 22 The Reason of Faith in the Scriptures 23. Of Understanding the Mind of God in the Scriptures 24. An Humble Testimony to the Goodness and Severity of God

in his Dealing with Sinful Churches and Nations 25. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer 26. Meditations on the Glory of Christ. Part I. 27.

Part II. 28. Of the Dominion of Sin and Grace 29. Two Discourses of the Work of the Spirit SO. Evidences of the Faith of God's Elect

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With his own inward sensations,
And the observations of his afflicted friends,
His earthly tabernacle gradually decayed,
Till at length his deeply-sanctified soul,
Longing for the fruition of its God,
Quitted the body: in younger age
A most comely and majestic form;

But in the latter stages of life,
Depressed by constant infirmities,

Emaciated with frequent diseases, And, above all, crushed under the weight

Of intense and unremitting studies,
It became an incommodious mansion
For the vigorous exertion of the spirit

In the service of its God.
He left the world on a day

Dreadful to the Church
By the cruelties of men,

But blissful to himself
By the plaudits of his God,
August 24, 1683, aged 67.

* The ever memorable Bartholomew day, 1662, when the good ministers, to the number of 2000, were ejected from their livings, or silenced, for non-compliance with the Act of Uniformity.










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