Polymer Nanofibers: Building Blocks for Nanotechnology

Ön Kapak
Royal Society of Chemistry, 24 May 2013 - 300 sayfa

Research into polymer nanofibers has increased significantly over the last decade, prompting the need for a comprehensive monograph examining the subject as knowledge of their properties and potential applications has increased.

Postgraduate students and researchers new to the field will benefit from the "from materials to applications" approach to the book, which examines the physio-chemical properties in detail, demonstrating how they can be exploited for a diverse range of applications, including the production of light and wound dressings. Techniques for the fabrication, notably electrospinning, are discussed at length.

This book provides a unique and accessible source of information, summarising the last decade of the field and presenting an entry point for those entering the field and an inspiration to established workers. The author is currently the national coordinator for several research projects examining the applications of polymer nanofibers, alongside active international collaborations.



Chapter 1 Soft Matter Nanotechnologies
Chapter 2 Electrospinning
Chapter 3 Other Fabrication Technologies for Polymer Nanofibers
Chapter 4 Structural and Surface Properties of Polymer Nanofibers and Their Applications
Chapter 5 Optical Properties of Polymer Nanofibers and Their Applications
Chapter 6 Electrical Properties and Their Applications
Chapter 7 Biological Functional Properties and Their Applications
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List of Symbols
Subject Index
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