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Sayfa 73 - I can will signify it to our said lord, or to some other, by whom it may come to his knowledge. The rules of the holy fathers, the apostolic decrees, ordinances, or disposals, reservations, provis-ions, and mandates, I will observe with all my might, and cause to be observed by others. Heretics, schismatics, and rebels to our said, lord, or his foresaid successors, I will to my power persecute and oppose.
Sayfa 73 - The counsel which they shall intrust me withal, by themselves, their messengers or letters, I will not knowingly reveal to any, to their prejudice. I will help them to defend and keep the Roman Papacy and the Royalties of St. Peter, saving my order, against all men.
Sayfa 57 - Political therefore, or civil liberty, which is that of a member of society, is no other than natural liberty so far restrained by human laws, and no farther, as is necessary and expedient for the general advantage of the public.
Sayfa 61 - Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man came not to destroy men's lives, but to save them.
Sayfa 47 - Jewish deputy, and, drawing forth a crucifix from beneath his mantle, held it up, exclaiming, " Judas Iscariot sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver. Your Highnesses would sell him anew for thirty thousand; here he is, take him, and barter him away.
Sayfa 34 - Newton," say the great mathematicians, Le Seur and Jacquier, " assumes, in his third book, the hypothesis of the earth's motion. The propositions of that author could not be explained except through the same hypothesis. We have, therefore, been forced to act a character not our own. But we declare our submission to the decrees of the Roman pontiffs against the motion of the earth *." The same sacrifice of sincerity is required at the Spanish universities.
Sayfa 32 - There is no sect so dangerous as the Leonists, for three reasons : first, it is the most ancient, — some say as old as Sylvester, others as the apostles themselves. ' Secondly, it is very generally disseminated : there is no country where it has not gained some footing. Thirdly, while other sects are profane and blasphemous, this retains the utmost show of piety ; they live justly before men, and believe nothing respecting God which is not good ; only they blaspheme against the Roman church and...
Sayfa 69 - PRAISES; but, above all, you may most assuredly promise to yourself AN AMPLE RETRIBUTION from the divine goodness for this most excellent undertaking, and may rest assured that we shall never cease to pour forth our most earnest prayers...
Sayfa 74 - That this policy is dreaded and opposed, and must be dreaded and opposed, by all Protestants, infidels, demagogues, tyrants, and oppressors, is also unquestionably true. Save, then, in the discharge of our civil duties, and in the ordinary business of life, there is, and can be, no harmony between Catholics and Protestants.
Sayfa 68 - A horrible scene of things, says Thuanus, when the very streets and passages resounded with the noise of those that met together for murder and plunder; the groans of those who were dying, and the shrieks of such as were just going to be butchered, were...

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