Nathaniel Parker Willis

Ön Kapak
Houghton, Mifflin, 1885 - 365 sayfa

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Sayfa 108 - A judicious and limited voluptuousness,' he says, ! is necessary to the cultivation of the mind, to the polishing of the manners, to the refinement of the sentiment, and to the development of the understanding...
Sayfa 236 - THE Spring is here, the delicate-footed May, With its slight fingers full of leaves and flowers ; And with it comes a thirst to be away, Wasting in wood-paths its voluptuous hours ; A feeling that is like a sense of wings, Restless to soar above these perishing things.
Sayfa 80 - THE DECLARATION. [WAS late, and the gay company was gone, And light lay soft on the deserted room From alabaster vases, and a scent Of orange leaves, and sweet verbena came Through the unshutter'd window on the air, And the rich pictures with their dark old tints Hung like .a twilight landscape, and all things Seem'd hush'd into a slumber. Isabel, The dark-eyed, spiritual Isabel Was leaning on her harp...
Sayfa 143 - I left home which should certainly have lessened my surprise at any that I met afterwards. While I was preparing for my travels, an acquaintance one day brought a buxom gentleman, whom he introduced to me under the name of Willis. There was something rather engaging in the round face, brisk air and enjouement...
Sayfa 75 - D'Orsay and an anticipation of Oscar Wilde. There used to be in the gallery of the Luxembourg a picture of...

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