Who killed Martin Hannett?: the story of Factory Records' musical magician

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Aurum, 25 Haz 2007 - 249 sayfa
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Factory co-founder, tortured genius, Martin ?Zero? Hannett created theoundtrack of a generation. As the highest profile producer of his era, heroduced the Manchester greats ? Buzzcocks, New Order, Joy Division, Happyondays, Stone Roses, to name but a few. His influence resounds in today?sop bands such as the Killers, the Kaiser Chiefs and Radiohead. Yet despitehe extraordinary influence his production work and personality had on theeminal bands of the time, his life was as tragic and destructive as his workas innovative and creativity. Now Colin Sharp reassesses his friend?s life.peaking to dozens of Martin?s friends, colleagues and family members, hesks: how did it all go so wrong for Martin? How did the shy, creative ?agician? end up a sad, overweight junkie humiliatingly pushed around in ahopping trolley for a music video before his early death in 1991? Thisriginal and fascinating biography ? the first on Hannett ? takes us on aourney into the heart and soul of a sonic genius.

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