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Unlike where Tyraniny the Rod maintains " }; O'er turfiefs, leaflefs and 'uncultur'a Plains,

SEITA Here Herbs of Food and Physic, Plenty showers, Gives Fruits to blush, and colours various Flowers. Where Sands or ftony Wilds once starv'd the Year, Laughs the green Lawn, and nods the golden Ear. White shine the fleecy Race, 'which Fate thall doom The Feast of Life, the Treasure of the Loom.''

of; } . On Plains now bare, fhall Gardens wave their

Groves, While settling Songsters' woo their feather'a Loves. Where pathless Woods no grateful Openings knew, Walks tempt the Step, and Viftas court the View. See the Parierre confess expansive Day!


/ The Grot, elusive of the Noon-tide Ray! 231 35% Up yon green Slope a Length of Terras lies, 381 Whence gradual Landscapes fade in diftanit Skies. / Now the blue Lake reflected Heav'n difplays;

9 576 Now darkens, regularly wild, the Maze.

an's weUT Urns, Obelisks, Fanes, Statues intervene;

Now center, now commence or end the Scene. 9:17
Lo proud Alcoves! lo soft fequefter'd Bowers!! -H
Retreats of social, or of studious Hours!
Rank above Rank, here shapely Greens afcendi
There others, natively grotesque, 'depend.
The Rude, the Delicate immingled tell
How Art would Nature, Nature Art excel. ? vifo
And how, while these their rival Charms impart, isht
Art brightens Nature, Nature brighten's Art;
Thus blends the various yet harmonious Space,
And all is Symmetry, and Force, and Grace.

But what the flow'ring Pride of Gardens rare,
However royal, or however fair?
If Doors, which to Accefs should still give Way,

1 Ope but like Peter's Paradise for Pay;



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If perquisited Varlets frequent stand,
And each new Walk must a new Tax demand,
What foreign Eye but with Contempt furveys
What Mule fhall from Oblivion snatch their Praife?

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When these from Public Spirit smile, we fee
Free-opening Gates, and bow'ry Pleasures free;
For fure great Souls one Truth can never miss
Bliss not communicated is not Bliss.


Thus Public Spirit, Liberty and Peace,
Carve, build, and plant, and give the Land Increase;
From peasant Hands imperial Works arise,
And British hence with Roman Grandeur vies ;
Not Grandeur, that in pompous Whim appears ;
That levels Hills; that Vales to Mountains rears;
That alters Nature's regulated Grace;
Meaning to deck, but deftin'd to deface.
Here let no Forts fome native Tyrant aid,
To awe the Freem-fhould foreign Foes invade;
How ufeless there, where Rocks a Barrier lend,
Where Seas encircle, and where Fleets defend.
Here let no Arch of Triumph be affign'd'.
To laureld Pride, whose Sword has thin'd Mankind;
Tho'no vaft Wall extend from Coaft to Coaft,
No Pyramid afpire, sublimely loft ;
Yet the fafe Road thro' Rocks hall, winding, tend,
And the firm Cause-way o'er the Clays afcend;
Here stately Streets, here ample Squares invite
The falutary Gale that breathes Delight.
Here Structures mark the charitable Soil,
For casual Ill; maim'd Valour ; feeble Toil,
Worn out with Care, Infirmity and Age ;
The Life here ent'ring, quitting there the Stage :
The Babe of lawlefs Birth, condemn'd to moaty,
To starve, or bleed, for Errors not his own!« KT;!
Let the frail Mother feape the Fame ai fiid,
If from the murd'ring Mother (cape the Child !



Oh, guard his Youth from Sin's alluring Voice;
From Deeds of dire Neceflity, not Choice!
His grateful Hand, thus never harmful known,..
Shall on the public Welfare build his own.

Thus worthy Crafts which low-born Life divide, Give Towns their Opulence, and Courts their Pride. Sacred to Pleafure Structures rise elate, To that still worthy of the Wife and Great. Sacred to Pleasure then thall Piles ascend ? They shall-when Pleafure and Instruction blend. Let Theatres, from Public Spirit, shine! sort Such Theatres, as, Athens, once were thine ! See ! the gay Muse, of pointed Wit poffeft, Who wakes the virtuous Laugh, the decent Jeff: What, tho' she mock, she mocks with honeft Aim, And laughs each fav’rite Folly into Sháme. With lib’ral Light the Tragic charms the Age ; In solemn-training Robes the fills the Stage; There human Nature mark'd in diff'rent Lines, Alive, in Character, distinctly shines. 513 Quick Paffions change, alternate, on her Face; Her Diction, Mufic; as her Action, Grace. Instant we catch her Terror-giving Cares, Pathetic Sighs, and Pity-moving Tears ; Instant we catch her gen'rous Glow of Soul, "Till one great striking Moral crowns the whole,

oni Hence in warm Youth, by Scenes of Virtue taught, Honour exalts, and Love expands the Thought ; Hence Pity, to peculiar Grief aflign'd, Grows wide Benevolence to all Mankind.

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Where various Edifice the Land rentowns, There Public Spirit plans, exalts and crowns. She chears the Manfion with the spacious Hall 911 Bids Painting live along the storied Wall; Seated, the, smiling, eyes th’ unclosing Door, isn't And much the welcomes all, but most the Poor.


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She turns the Pillar, or the Arch she bends;

lii The Quire the lengthens, or the Quire extends ; 1 She rears the Tow'r, whose Height the Heav'ns ad

mire; it is She rears, the rounds, the points the less'ning Spire:

her Command the College-roofs ascend;
For Public Spirit ftill is Learning's Friend.
Stupendous Piles, which useful Pomp compleats,
Thus rise Religion's, and thus Learning's Seats:
There moral Truth and holy Science Spring,
And give the Sage to teach, the Bard to fing.
There some draw Health from Herbs and min'ral

Some search the Systems of the heavenly Plains ;
Some call from History past Times to View,
And others trace old Laws, and sketch out new;
Thence saving Rights, by Legislators plann'd,
And guardian Patriots thence inspire the Land,

Now grant, ye Pow'rs, one great, one fond Defire;
And, granting, bid a new White-Hall aspire !
Far let it lead, by well-pleas'd Thames survey'd,
The swelling Arch and stately Colonade;
Bid Courts of Justice, Senate-chambers join,
Till various All in one proud Work combine!

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But now be all the gen'rous Goddess seen, When most diffus'd the fines, and most benign! Ye Sons of Misery attract her View! Ye fallow, hollow-ey'd and meagre Crew! Such high Perfection have our Arts attain'd, That now few Sons of Toil our Arts demand ? Then to the Public, to itself, we fear, Ev’n willing Industry grows useless here. Are we too populous at length confess'd, From confluent Strangers relug'd and redress’d? Has War so long withdiawn his barb'rous Train, That Peace o'erstocks us with the Sons of Men?


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So long has Plague left pure the ambient Air,
That Want mult prey on those Disease would spare?
Hence beaureous Wretches (Beauty's foul Disgrace
Tho' born the Pride, the Shame of heman Race
Fair.Wretohes hence, who nightly Streetsianitos,
Live.but themselves and others to deftroys 21

Robbers risé, to Theft,tto Murder prone,
First driv'n by Want, from Habit desp'rate grown
Hence for ow'd Triflestoft our fails contain hit
(Torn from Mankind) a miferable Train T.
Torn from, in spite of Nature's stend'reft Cries,
Parental, filial, and connubial Tiesa expos!
The Trader; when on ev'ry Side diftreft, M ilerle
Hencefies to what Expedient Frauds fuggest;
To prop his queftion’d'Credit's tdtering State, NA
Others he first involves to fhare his Fátē; slimi oT
Then for mean Refuge muft, felf-exild, roam 12
Never to hope a Friend, norefind a Home. Yol '10%

ons booW This Public Spirit fees; the fees and feels! 9H Her Breast the Throb, ker Eye the Teat reveals, a (The Patriot Throb that beats, the Tear that Aots For others Welfare, and for others Woes. Ja llide • And what can I (fhe faid) to cure theie Gher • Shall I or point out Death, or point Relier bal

Eorth thall I dead?em to fome happier Soila W « To Conquest lead 'em, and enrich with spoil ? • Bid 'emoconvulle'a World, make Nature gtbart, • And spill, in shedding others Blood, their owan • No, no ech Wars do thouy Ambition, wägen « Go fterilize the Fertile with thy Ragefi asid

Whole Nations to depopulate is thine ;4 08 (To people, culture and protect, be minetis taA. • Then rangeshe World, Difcuirya Strait Hegde O'er Seas, d'ero Lybia's Sands and Zembla Snows He settles where kinds Rays dlo Howlithare (Vain Gmida!) con:rolne lukuti at houfelesswy 19.02"


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