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How many Sons of Want might here enjoy What Nature gives for Age but to destroy! • Bluth, blush, Sun (the cries) here vainly found, • To rife, to set, to roll the Seasons round! • Shall Heav'n diftil in Dews, descend in Rain,

From Earth gush Fountains, Rivers flow in vain. • There (hall the wat'ry Lives in Myriads Atray,

And be, to be alone each other's Prey ! < Unfought shall here the teeming Quarries own • The various Species of mechanic Stone? . From Structure This, from Sculpture That confine?

Shall Rocks forbid the latent Gem to fine ?

Shall Mines, obedient, aid no Artist's Care, . Nor give the martial Sword and peaceful Share ? « Ah! Thall they never precious Ore unfold, • To smile in Silver, or to fame in Gold? « Shall here the vegetable World alone, • For Joys, for various Virtues reft unknown? . While Food and Physic, Plants and Herbs supply, • Here mult they thoot alone to bloom and die? • Shall Fruits, which none but brutal Eyes furvey, ! Untouch'd grow ripe, untafted drop away?

Shall here th' irrational, the savage Kind, • Lord it o'er Stores by Heav'n for Man design'd, . And trample what mild Suns benignly raise, • While Man must lose the Use, and Heay'n che

Praise? • Shall it then be ? (Indignant here she rose, Indignant, yet humane her Bofom glows)

No! By each honour'd Grecian Roman Name, • By Men for Virtue deiñed-by Fame, • Who peopled Lands, who modell’d infant State, • And then bade Empire be maturely great; By These I swear (be witness Earth and Skies !) • Fair Order here thall from Confufion rise./ • Wrapt I a future Colony furvey ! • Come then, ye Sons of Mis’ry! come away! VoL, UI.


. Let pes,



"Let those, whose Sorrows from Neglect are known;
. (Here taught compelld empower'd) Neglect atone!
"Let those enjoy, who never merit Wo
In Youth th' industrious Wish, in Age

Repole! • Allotted Acres (no reluctant Soil)

Shall, prompt their Industry, and pay their Toilo · Let Families, long Strangers to Delight, · Whom wayward Fate dispers’d, by, Me unite ; • Here live enjoying Life, fee Plenty, Peace; " Their Lands increasing as their Sons increase ! * As Nature yet is found in leafy Glades • To intermix the Walks with Lights and Shades; • Or as with Good and Ill, in chequer'd Strife,

Various the Goddess colours human Life; 6 So in this fertile Clime if yet are seen

Moors, Marshes, Cliffs by Turns to intervene; • Where Cliffs, Moors, Marshes defolate the View, Where haunts the Bittorn, and where screams the

Mew; * Where prowls the Wolf, where' rolld the Serpent lies,

puidus < Shall folemn Fanes and Halls of Justice rife, • And Towns shall open (all of Structure fair!) • To: brightning Prospects, and to purest Air, - Frequented Parts and Vineyards green succeed, • And Flocks increafing whiten all the Mead,

vno « On Science Science, Arts on Arts refine;

On these from high all Heav'n fhall smiling Shine « And Public Spirit here a People show, Sainor

Free, num’rous, pleas’d and busy all below.w . * Learn future Natives of this promis’à Lànd What your Forefathers ow'd my saving Hand!

Learn when Despair such sudden Blits shall fee, • Such Bliss must thine from OGLETHORPE of ME!

di lov orix M Do You the neighb'ring blameless Indiazt, aid, 20% “ Culture what he neglects, not His invade;

• Dare

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• Dare not, oh dare not, with ambitious View, * Force or demand Subjection, never due,

Let by My specious Name no Tyrants, rise,, Y a

And cry, while they enslave, they civilize! <

Know LIBERTY and I are fill the same,

Congenial !-ever mingling Flame with Flame! 6 Why must I Afric's fable Children fee Vended for Slaves, tho’ form'd' by Nature free,

The nameless Tortures cruel Minds invent, • Those to subject, whom Nature equal meant ?

If these you dare, albeit unjust Success

Empow'rs you now unpunith'd to oppress,
• Revolving Empire you and your's may doom,

(Rome all subdu'd, yet Vandals vanquish'd Rome),

Yes, Empire may revolve, give Them the Day,
• And Yoke may Yoke, and Blood may Blood re.

Thus (Ah! how far unequallid by my Lays,

Unskilld the Heart to melt or Mind to raise)
Sublime, benevolent, deep, sweetly clear,
Worthy a THOMSON'S Muse, a FRED'Rick's Ear,
Thus spoke the Goddess. Thus I faintly tell
In what lov'd Works Heav'n gives her to excel.
But who her Sons, that to her Int'rest true,
Conversant lead her to a Prince like you ?
There, Sir, falute you from Life's middle State,
Rich without Gold, and without Titles great :
Knowledge of Books and Men exalts their Thought,
In Wit accomplish'd, tho' in Wiles untaught,
Careless of Whispers meant to wound their Name,
Nor sneer'd nor brib'd from Virtue into Shame;
In Letters elegant, in Honour bright,

they catch, and they refect Delight. Mixing with these a few of Rank are found, For Councils, Embassies, and Camps renown'd.

Vers'd mint a

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They come, they

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Vers’d in gay Life, in honeft Maxims read;
And ever warm of Heart, yet cool of Head.
From these the circling Glass gives Wit to fine,
The Bright grow brighter, and ev'n Courts refine;
From These so gifted, candid and upright,
Flows Knowledge soft'ning into Eale polite.

Happy the Men who such a Prince can please !
Happy the Prince rever'd by Men like thefe !
His Condescensions Dignity display,
Grave with the wise, and with the witty gay ;
For Him fine Marble in the Quarry lies,
Which in due Statues to his Fame shall rise;
Ever shall Public Spirit: beam his Ptafsey
And the Muse (well it in immortal Lays.

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This Satire was printed about the Year 1704, in a

Collection of satirical Poems. A Piece which is not deficient in Wit and Fancy, and has many happy Strokes of Humour, deserves to be rescued

from Oblivion. I have endeavoured, but in vain, to learn the Name

of the Author.

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TEAR to the Rofe, where Punks in Numbers flock

To pick up Cullies to increase the Stock, A lofty Fabric does the Sight invade, And stretches round the Place a pompous Shade, Where sudden Shouts the Neighbourhood surprise, And Thund'ring Claps and dreadful Hillings rise.

Here thrifty *R-hires Monarchs by the Day, And keeps his Mercenary Kings in Pay, With deep-mouth'd Actors fills the Vacant Scenes, And drains the Town for Goddesses and Queens : Here the lewd Punk, with Crowns and Sceptres grac'd, Teaches her Eyes a more Majestic Caft,

Cbrißopber Ricb, Efq; Father of the late Febn Rich, Patentee of Crvent Garden Theatre,

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