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• Nor need we with unneceffary Care
• Endeavour to foment Rebellion there;

For scarce our Nassau's Empire they endurid, • Tho' he their ancient Liberties restor's, • And murm'ring now they alk a foreign Lord. • But (Health suppos’d) to * Ireland I'll repair, it . And right or wrong usurp the Commons Chair, « That Point once gain'd, we'll soon secure our Cause, • Soon undermine our hot-brain'd tow'ring Foes, • At leaft I'll substitute some WEALTHY FRIEND, « Who shall with Heat and Arrogance contend • To thwart the Court in ev'ry juft Command, So Cataline the Fate of Rome design'd, And when he'd form'd the Scheme within his Mind, In such a warm Harangue his Friends addreft, And open'd all the Secret of his Breaft. This hit Sigillo's Thoughts, and made him cool, Tho' juft before he scarcely could controul The stormy Paffion swelling in his Soul; His reftless' Soul that rends his fickly Frame, Worn with a pois'nous and corroding Flame. An unjust Judge, and Blemish of the Mace, Witness the Bankers long-depending Cale , A shallow Statesman, tho' of mighty Fame, For who can e'er that curft Partition name But to his foul Disgrace and to his Shamę? Besides, in spite of all his loud Defence, He thew'd a Want of Honesty or Sense, In passing ev'ry plund'ring Courtier's Grants He is (for Satire dares the Truth declare) Deift, Republican, Adulterer. Thus his lov'd Cledio for his Speech he prais'd, And Joy and Wonder in the Hearers rais'd. • There spoke the guardian Genius of our Caule • Whose ev'ry Word deserves divine Applaule.

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| This Project was once talked of,

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Not e'en Cethego's felf could form a

7. Dona More nicely” spun, more exquisitely wrought set : Tho he, to his immortal envyd' Fame,

3 sn 'odt. The Glory of the Revo'ution claim. •Twas his profound infathomable Witbah; • Dide Farnes and all his Jefuit 'Train defeat. He Khéw reveala Religion was a Jest, Impos d upon the World by fonte designing Priest

Nor therefore feard, but to their Idols bow'd, • Prevarićating with his King, his God. A Proteus, ever acting in Disguise,

110WT. • A finfiftha'stateforan, intricately wife 6 A second,

dar'd •

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Love $ Whore Harden'&'Conscience never felt Remorse • Reflection is the puny Sinner's Çurte. • But why nouta i Cethego's Praire pursue, " When all'his' Vittues; Clodio

, shine in you? Ci od 1 +

} 1 Whille

i are vous introlir • Believe well'ufe bar utmost Efforts here, • Nor Time, nor Patis, nor Healtii, nor Money,

3 ano w 101 Cethego 1, i dur Abrente fhall preside

Try Consult guide i bisa • Like the supreinric directing Hand of 700e, and of « Shall act unfeen, and all around him move.

រ ន ព , • Will find a way to fanctify our Cause ; • Will prove in Paljive Jacobites Despite, • Rebellion is a free-boi'n People's Right. • Then as we take our Circuits throʻthe Land, • We hopould the ftern Frecholders to our Hund, • Awe clar Elections, and their Votes teinmand • The purront-hêre represented was" living at the

Time of this Cabal, old Sunderland. I Young Sunderland, VOL. III.


( When

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• When with our faithful City Friends we dine, We'll mingle Treason with the flowing

Wine :

mns 3 • We'll plant in ev'ry Coffee-house a Spy · That boldly phiall the Ministry decrypt

Shall praise the past, the prefent Reign condemn, And all their Measures, all their Councils, blame: Shall spread a thousand idle, groundless Tales,

Of foreign Gold, the Pope, and Prince of Wales; • Shall never fail Objections still to raise, + (Whatever is transacted with Success • And turn their greatest Honour to Disgrace. * This Chymic Art, perverting Nature's Law, • From sweetest Things will rankest Poisons draw." Narcisso* next, magnificently gay, W. Smild his Aflent, but not a Word would say; He fear’d to strain his Voice by talking loud, Nor was his Quail-pipe made for fuch a Crowd. A batter'd Beau, yet youthful in Decay, Who dresses, whores, and games his Time away. Fond of Sedition, but indulging Vice

With all that Wealth, profusely spent, fupplies.
And yet this Debauchee pretends to claim
An injur'a Patriot's meritorious Name.
Then squeal'd Orlando I, but his furious Heat
Shew'd him for cool mature Debates unfit,
Nor will we here the bluft'ring Speech repeat.
A Bully Lord, whose wild, mad Looks, proclaim
His Bosom warm'd with more than Hero's Flame.
Fighting and Railing are his chief Delight,
Promiscuoufly opposing Wrong

and Right.
Whate’er he does is always in Extremes,
Sometimes the Whig, fometimes the Tory, damns.
His various Temper and impetuous Mind
To ev'ry Party is by Starts inclin'd.
He never was, nor e'er will be content
With any Prince, with any Government.
* Duke of Devonshire. | Earl of Peterborough,




Last rose Bathillo* deck'd with borrow'd Bays,
Renown'd for others Projects, others Lays.
A gay, pragmatical, pretending Tool,
Opinionatively wise, and pertly dull

A Demi-Statesman, talkative and loud,
Hot without Courage, without Merit proud,
A Leader fit for the unthinking Crowd.
With dapper Gesture, but with haughty Look,
His lewd Associates vainly he bespoke.

Do you perform the Politician's Part,

I'll bring th’Affistance of the Muses Art; « The Poet-Tribe are all at my Devoir,

And write as I command, as I inspire.
Congreve for me Pastora's Death did mourn,

And her white Name with fable Verse adorn.

Rowe too is mine, and of the Whiggish Train, < 'Twas he that fung immortal Tamerlane, « Tho' now he dwindles to an t humbler Strain.

I help'd to polish Garth's rough, aukward Lays, Taught him in tuneful Lines to sound our Party's

Praise. Walsh votes with us, who, tho' he never writ, Yet passes for a Critic and a Wit. Van's bawdy, plotless Plays, were once our Boast,

But now the Poet's in the Builder loft. • On Addison we safely may depend,

A Pension never fails to gain a Friend, Thro' Alpine Hills he hall my Name resound, • And make his Patron known in Clasic Ground, • These pay the Tribute to my Merit due,

Call me their Horace, and Mecænas too. • Princes but fit unsettled on their Thrones,

Unless supported by Apollo's Sons.

Auguflus had the Mantuan and Venufian Muse, • And happier Nallau had his Mountagues.



The Fair Penitesse

S 2

© But

• But Anna, that ill-fated Tory Queen,

Shall feel the Vengeance of the Poet's Pen.

Triton*, who, like the vast Leviathan, Long wallow'd in the Treasures of the Main Was all Attention, and fuspended hung, For ev'ry Rebel Heart has not a Tongue. Besides, there stood a numerous Train of Peers, Below the Notice of recording Verse. Beaus, Biters, Pathicks, B- -s, and Cits, Toasters, Kit-cats, Divines, Buffoons, and Wits, Compos'd the Medley Crew; but I forbear To give 'em any Place or Mention here;For since the Muse would blush to paint their Crimes, Let Decency restrain th’invective Rhimes.

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When thus their Chiefs had spoke, thro' all the

Repeated Peals of Acclamations rung,
Not ancient Demagogues with more Applaufe
Aflerted and espous'd the Rabble's Cause.

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Now the Assembly to adjourn prepard,
When Bibliopolo f from behind appear'd,
As well describ’d by th’old satiric Bard;
With leering Looks, Bull-fat'd, and freckled Fair,
With two left Legs, and Judas-colour'd Hair,
With frowsy Pores that taint ihe ambient Air.
Sweating and puffing for a while he stood,
And then broke forth in this insulting Mood.

"I am the Touchstone of all modern Wit,
*Without my Stamp in vain your Poets write.
• Those only purchase ever-living Fame

That in my Miscellany plant their Name,

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