Cobbett's Weekly Register, 64. cilt

Ön Kapak
William Cobbett
J.M. Cobbett, 1827

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Sayfa 239 - ... the Lord High Treasurer or the Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or any three of...
Sayfa 471 - This bloody and destructive battle was continued with unabated fury for four hours, and the scene of wreck and devastation which presented itself at its termination was such as has been seldom before witnessed.
Sayfa 471 - Asia, and was consequently effectually destroyed by the Asia's fire, sharing the same fate as his brother admiral on the starboard side, and falling to leeward a mere wreck. These ships being out of the way, the Asia...
Sayfa 477 - Pacha, and Capitana Bey, as well as to all the other Turkish Chiefs, that if one single musket or cannon shot be again fired on a ship or boat of the Allied Powers, we shall immediately destroy all the remaining vessels, as well as the Forts of...
Sayfa 473 - ... the imitation of his survivors. Captain Bell, commanding the royal marines of the Asia, an excellent officer, was killed early in the action, in the steady performance of his duty, and I have to mourn the death of Mr.
Sayfa 473 - I enclose, for his royal highness's further information, a letter from Captain Hamilton, descriptive of the proceedings of Ibrahim Pacha, and the misery of the country which he has devastated; a protocol of the conference which I had with my colleagues, and the plan and order for entering the port, which I gave out in consequence. "I have, &c., "(Signed) EDWARD CODRINGTON, Vice-admiral.
Sayfa 471 - ... directed to place herself alongside the outermost frigate, on the left hand entering the harbour; and the Cambrian, Glasgow, and Talbot next to her, and abreast of the Asia...
Sayfa 475 - ... habitations, and tearing up trees by the roots, in order to complete the devastation of the country : Considering that, with a view of putting a stop to atrocities which exceed all that has hitherto taken place...
Sayfa 777 - I continue to receive from Foreign Powers, the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this country. 20. "I have observed with great concern the attempts which have recently been made in some of the manufacturing districts, to take advantage of circumstances of local distress, to excite a spirit of disaffection to the institutions and Government of the country.
Sayfa 233 - An Act for further restraining the negotiation of promissory notes and inland bills of exchange under a limited sum within that part of Great Britain called England.

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