Theologiae moralis, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
Eugenium Cummiskey, 1841

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Sayfa 76 - All that the law requires of the party by or over whose land a stream passes, is, that he should use the water in a reasonable manner, and so as not to destroy, or render useless, or materially diminish or affect the application of the water by the proprietors above or below on the stream.
Sayfa 334 - Si autem peccaverit in te frater tuus, vade et corripe eum inter te et ipsum solum; si te audierit, lucratus eris fratrem tuum.
Sayfa 62 - ... all actions of debt grounded upon any lending or contract without specialty...
Sayfa 134 - Louisiana, art. 2496 — 2519, a redhibitoiy action is provided for the avoidance of a sale, on account of some vice or defect in the thing sold...
Sayfa 266 - Item sacram scripturam juxta eum sensum, quem tenuit et tenet sancta mater ecclesia, cujus est judicare de vero sensu et interpretatione sacrarum scripturarum, admitto; nee eam unquam, nisi juxta unanimem consensum patrum accipiam, et interpretabor.
Sayfa ii - the doing good to mankind, in obedience to the will of God, and for the sake of everlasting happiness.
Sayfa 42 - If an estate in land be given to the husband and wife, or a joint purchase be made by them during coverture, they are not properly joint tenants, nor tenants in common, for they are but one person in law, and cannot take by moieties. They are both seised of the entirety, and neither can sell without the consent of the other, and the survivor takes the whole...
Sayfa 370 - And so with us by the common law an excommunicated person is disabled to do any act that is required to be done by one that is probus et legalis homo. He cannot serve upon juries, cannot be a witness in any court, and, which is the worst of all, cannot bring an action, either real or personal, to recover lands or money due to him.(y) Nor is this the whole : for...
Sayfa 12 - DICENDUM quod, sicut dictum est [a. praec.], ludus est necessarius ad conversationem humanae vitae. Ad omnia autem quae sunt utilia conversationi humanae, deputari possunt aliqua officia licita. Et ideo etiam officium histrionum, quod ordinatur ad solatium hominibus exhibendum, non est secundum se illicitum...
Sayfa 334 - Si autem te non audierit, adhibe tecum adhuc unum, vel duos, ut in ore duorum vel trium testium stet omne verbum. Quod si non audierit eos: die ecclesiae. Si autem ecclesiam non audierit: sit tibi sicut ethnicus, et publicanus.

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