The British Poets: Including Translations ...

Ön Kapak
C. Whittingham, 1822

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Sayfa 120 - em? To all my Foes, dear Fortune, send Thy Gifts, but never to my Friend: I tamely can endure the first, But, this with Envy makes me burst.
Sayfa 210 - Hogarth !*' Thou, I hear, a pleasant rogue art. Were but you and I acquainted, Every Monster should be painted : You should try your graving tools On this odious group of Fools; Draw the beasts as I describe them...
Sayfa 10 - Alas ! they would not do you wrong ; But all appearances are strong. Yet whence proceeds this weight we lay On what detracting people say ! For let mankind discharge their tongues In venom, till they burst their lungs, Their utmost malice cannot make Your head, or tooth, or finger ache ; Nor spoil your shape, distort your face, Or put one feature out of place...
Sayfa 204 - Meet when butchers bait a bear : Such a noise, and such haranguing, When a brother thief is hanging : Such a rout and such a rabble Run to hear Jackpudding gabble : Such a crowd their ordure throws On a far less villain's nose.
Sayfa 142 - Would so discreetly things dispose, None ever saw her pluck a rose. Her dearest comrades never caught her Squat on her hams to make maid's water : You'd swear that so divine a creature Felt no necessities of nature.
Sayfa 191 - So naturalists observe a flea Hath smaller fleas, that on him prey ; And these have smaller still to bite 'em, And so proceed ad infinitum.
Sayfa 204 - For divines allow, that God Sometimes makes the devil his rod ; And the gospel will inform us, He can punish sins enormous. Yet should Swift endow the schools, For his lunatics and fools, With a rood or two of land, I allow the pile may stand. You perhaps will ask me, Why so ? But it is with this proviso : Since the house is like to last, Let the royal grant be pass'd. That the club have right to dwell Each within his proper cell, With a passage left to creep in, And a hole above for peeping.
Sayfa 141 - And snap some cully passing by ; Or, struck with fear, her fancy runs On watchmen, constables, and duns, From whom she meets with frequent rubs; But never from religious clubs. Whose favour she is sure to find, Because she pays them all in kind. Corinna wakes. A dreadful sight ! — — Et I on gam incomitiita yidetur Ire Yiam.
Sayfa 72 - I'm just coming down :" Then, turning to Hannah, and forcing a frown. Although it was plain in her heart she was glad, Cry'd, " Hussy, why sure the wench is gone mad ! How could these chimeras get into your brains ? — Come hither, and take this old gown for your pains: But the Dean, if this secret should come to his ears. Will never have done with his gibes and his jeers : For your life, not a word of the matter I charge ye : Give me but a barrack, a fig for the clergy.
Sayfa 134 - He gave the little wealth he had, To build a house for fools and mad: And showed by one satiric touch, No nation wanted it so much: That kingdom he hath left his debtor, I wish it soon may have a better.

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