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ninth, 241-244. in the tenth, 244–247. in the eleventh, 247-250. in the twelfth, 250—257. in the thirteenth, 257– 259. in the fourteenth, 260–262. in the fifteenth, 262268. in the sixteenth, 268, 269. hence an answer to the popish

question, Where was your religion before Luther ? 269. Woinan, clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, II.

274, 275. what this representation of the church denotes, 275. Woman, full of names of blafphemy, fitting on a beast, having

seven heads and ten horns, II. 323. the name written on her forehead, 523. the judgment of the great whore, 323, 324. is arrayed in purple and scarlet color, 525. hath a golden cup in her hand full of abominations, S26. the inscription upon her forehead, 327. infamous for idolatry and cruelty, 328. the

mystery of the woman, 329--337. World, what meant by the phrase of the end of the world, II. 10,

11. its reference to the deltruction of Jerusalem, ibid.


XERXES: the richest king of Persia

, 1: 337. his memorable expedition into Greece, 337, 328. raises the greatest army that was ever brought into the field, ibid.


ZEBULUN; Jacob's prophecy concerning that tribe, and

, Zephaniah, that prophet foretels the total destruction of Nineveh,

I. 154. the prophecy contrary to all probability, ibid.


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