The Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley in Verse and Prose, Now First Brought Together with Many Pieces Not Before Published, 5. cilt

Ön Kapak
Reeves and Turner, 1880

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Sayfa 69 - Art thou afear'd To be the same in thine own act and valour, As thou art in desire ? Would'st thou have that Which thou esteem'st the ornament of life, And live a coward in thine own esteem; Letting "I dare not" wait upon "I would," Like the poor cat i
Sayfa 203 - Whence and what art thou, execrable shape! That dar'st, though grim and terrible, advance Thy miscreated front athwart my way To yonder gates? through them I mean to pass, That be assured, without leave asked of thee: Retire, or taste thy folly; and learn by proof, Hell-born! not to contend with spirits of Heaven!
Sayfa 400 - What do you think of Eaton's trial and sentence? I mean not to insinuate that this poor bookseller has any characteristics in common with Socrates, or Jesus Christ, still the spirit which pillories and imprisons him is the same which brought them to an untimely end — still, even in this enlightened age, the moralist and reformer may expect coercion analogous to that used with the h'umble yet zealous imitator of their endeavours. I have thought of addressing the public on the subject, and indeed...
Sayfa 2 - I should suppose, and that I can with the greatest ease repay when we meet at Passion week. Send the reviews in which " Zastrozzi " is mentioned to Field Place, the British review is the hardest, let that be pouched well. — My note of hand if for any larger sum is quite at your service, as it is of consequence in fiction to establish your name as high as you can in the literary lists.
Sayfa 359 - Call to mind the sentiments which Nature has engraved in the heart of every citizen, and which take a new force when they are solemnly recognized by all: — For a nation to love liberty, it is sufficient that she knows it; and to be free, it is sufficient that she wills it.'* How dry, barren, and obscure, is the source from which Mr Burke labours!
Sayfa 345 - I desire Catholic Emancipation, but I desire not to stop here; and I hope there are few who having perused the preceding arguments will not concur with me in desiring a complete, a lasting, and a happy amendment. That all steps, however good and salutary, which may be taken, all reforms consistent with the English constitution that may be effectuated can only be subordinate and preparatory to the great and lasting one which shall bring about the peace, the harmony, and the happiness of Ireland, England,...
Sayfa 322 - Oh, Ireland ! thou emerald of the ocean, whose sons are generous and brave, whose daughters are honourable and frank and fair, thou art the isle on whose green shores I have desired to see the standard of liberty erected— a flag of fire — a beacon at which the world shall light the torch of Freedom ! We will now examine the Protestant religion.
Sayfa 422 - The time is rapidly approaching — I hope that you, my Lord, may live to behold its arrival — when the Mahometan, the Jew, the Christian, the Deist, and the Atheist, will live together in one community, equally sharing the benefits which arise from its association, and united in the bonds of charity and brotherly love.
Sayfa 395 - If a person's religious ideas correspond not with your own, love him nevertheless. How different would yours have been had the chance of birth placed you in Tartary or India!
Sayfa 384 - We see in winter that the foliage of the trees is gone, that they present to the view nothing but leafless branches — we see that the loveliness of the flower decays, though the root continues in the earth. What opinion should we form of that man who, when he walked in the freshness of the spring, beheld the fields enamelled with flowers...

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