Beauties of English and Scottish history

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Sayfa 324 - Then she sat down low upon a cushion, and I upon my knees by her, but with her own hand she gave me a cushion to lay under my knee ; which at first I refused, but she compelled me to take it. She then called for my lady Strafford out of the next chamber, for the queen was alone.
Sayfa 322 - Italy, the buskins of the women was not forgot ; and what country weed I thought best becoming gentlewomen. The queen said she had clothes of every sort, which every day thereafter, so long as I was there, she changed. One day she had the English weed, another the French, and another the Italian ; and so forth.
Sayfa 224 - I pray you all, good Christian people, to bear me witness that I die a true Christian woman, and that I do look to be saved by no other mean, but only by the mercy of God, in the blood of his only Son Jesus Christ...
Sayfa 325 - Queen danced not so high or disposedly as she did. Then again, she wished that she might see the Queen at some convenient place of meeting. I offered to convey her secretly to Scotland by post, clothed like a page ; that under this disguise she might see the Queen, as James V.
Sayfa 324 - I answered, as I was walking with my Lord of Hunsdon, as we passed by the chamber door I heard such melody as ravished me, whereby I was drawn in ere I knew how, excusing my fault of homeliness, as being brought up in the court of France, where such freedom was allowed, declaring myself willing to endure what kind of punishment her majesty should be pleased to inflict upon me for so great an offence.
Sayfa 261 - My very good lord ; though there is not that man this day living, whom I would sooner make judge of any question that might concern me than yourself, yet you must give me leave to tell you, that in some cases...
Sayfa 325 - I was sooner weary of her company than she was of mine. I told her majesty, that though I had no reason of being weary, I knew my...
Sayfa 323 - I found pleased her well ; for she delighted to shew her golden coloured hair, wearing a caul and bonnet as they do in Italy. Her hair was more reddish than yellow, curled in appearance naturally. She desired to know of me, what colour of hair was reputed best ; and which of them two was fairest. I answered, The fairness of them both was not their worst faults. But she was earnest with me to declare which of them I judged fairest.
Sayfa 401 - But the satyrs were not content only to make way, or room, but put their hands behind them to their tails, which they wagged with their hands, in such sort, as the Englishmen supposed it had been devised and done in derision of them ; weakly apprehending that which they should not have appeared to understand.
Sayfa 291 - To soften the rigour of their fate, after some years' imprisonment, he restored them to their liberty, and conferred on them a pension, with which they retired, and languished out old age, in infamy and obscurity. Their guilty loves were turned into the most deadly hatred; and they passed many years together in the same house, without any intercourse or correspondence with each other8.

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