Herbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer: Being a Full Report of His Interview, and of the Proceedings of the Farewell Banquet of Nov. 11, 1882

Ön Kapak
D. Appleton, 1883 - 96 sayfa

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Sayfa 55 - that through every crystal and through every grass-blade, but most through every living soul, the glory of a present God still beams, he means pretty much the same thing that Mr. Spencer means, save that he speaks with the language of poetry, with language colored by emotion, and not with the precise, formal, and colorless language of science.
Sayfa 30 - commonly begins to turn some ten years earlier than with us. Moreover, in every circle I have met men who , had themselves suffered from nervous collapse due to stress of business, or named friends who had either killed themselves by overwork, or had been permanently
Sayfa 56 - really connected with the intimate constitution of the universe ? If the answer of science to these questions be affirmative, then the agreement with religion is complete, both on the speculative and on the practical sides ; and that phantom which has been the abiding terror of timid and superficial minds—that phantom of the hostility between religion and science—is
Sayfa 31 - lived now, say of the Americans that they take their pleasures hurriedly after their fashion. In large measure with us, and still more with you, there is not that abandonment to the moment which is requisite for full enjoyment ; and this abandonment is prevented by the ever-present
Sayfa 56 - fathom the nature of the inscrutable Power that animates the world, we know, nevertheless, a great many things that it does. Does this eternal Power, then, work for righteousness ? Is there a divine sanction for holiness and a divine condemnation for sin ? Are the principles of
Sayfa 87 - powerful intellect of all time. Aristotle and his master were not more beyond the pygmies who preceded them than he is beyond Aristotle. Kant, Hegel, Fichte, and Schelling are gropers in the dark by the side of him. In all the history of science there is but one name which can be compared to his, and that is Newton's
Sayfa 58 - I am sure it will be generally acknowledged that our great teacher's services to religion have been no less signal than his services to science, unparalleled as these have been in all the history of the world. MR.
Sayfa 56 - exorcised now and for ever. Now, science began to return a decisively affirmative answer to such questions as these when it began, with Mr. Spencer, to explain moral beliefs and
Sayfa 26 - the thoughts of others, or to be himself a diviner of the thoughts of others, fasting .was necessary, and the Amazulus, from whom I think a great many things might be learned for the good of the people of the present time, have a maxim that will commend itself to your common sense. They say the continually stuffed body
Sayfa 12 - street-cars and elevated railways, your gigantic hotels and Fifth Avenue palaces, I was suddenly reminded of the Italian republics of the middle ages ; and recalled the fact that, while there was growing up in them great commercial activity, a development of the arts which made them the envy of Europe, and a building of princely mansions which

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